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Bureau director Rohit Chopra That's next you're listening to balance of power on Bloomberg radio This is Bloomberg Hi how can I help you today As a McDonald's employee you say those words quite often But how about when you need help Like consulting a doctor Hi How can I help you today When you work for a McDonald's restaurant we take care of you like family With free virtual doctors visits including getting prescriptions and refills for you and everyone in your family Apply today at careers McDonald's dot com and find out more The benefits described here in are only available at participating restaurants Burden LLP accountants and advisers presents industry chat who is Jeff Kovacs partner and head of the technology and life sciences practice Early to mid stage technology companies often ask what is my company worth While valuing companies at these stages is often an art with little science valuations are crucial to negotiate with investors create equity plans for employees or prepare for a liquidity event Understanding the factors that impact evaluation better positions executives to maximize value for founders investors and employees helping clients scale their business and plan for the future is what we do at burden If you're a technology company executive let Burton help you develop innovative solutions to enhance your company's value and fuel its growth For more industry chat from burden accountants and advisers visit burden LLP dot com That's BER DON LLP dot com Burden accountants and advisers We listen we solve we do Makes innovation happen It also makes entrepreneurs like Anya o'dwyer founder of innovate a tech driven civil engineering and construction management firm Anya says and JIT is defining the future Engineer IT's extremely important as a hub of disciplines all in one space with all of these brilliant minds NGOs roll is huge when it comes to defining the future and how from an interdisciplinary point of view they have it all there whether it's the innovation hub the makers space and JIT is already creating bash collaboration between the disciplines and you have civil engineers speaking to programmers speaking to electrical engineers And together they're creating advancements that we wouldn't have been able to do without those three minds coming together and solving a problem as one rather than solving it in isolation And JIT New Jersey institute of technology Learn more at nj IT dot EDU This is a Bloomberg money minute a growing industry is making a splash Last year car wash purchases topped $13 billion an all time high for the industry Eric Wolfe CEO.

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