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Need to get him to go on the interview circuit. Hit it even harder. We need him to keep booming puns. That ariza is maybe the best punter in the country. And he gets it to this one. This is an absolute huge pun. Wow. And then we do what we do here at ESPN daily, which is layer in super dramatic music, which I believe is underneath our voices right now on this podcast and really sell this thing to make sure people appreciate exactly what this mythological creature looks like. The rise is a weapon too, look at that kick. And sounds like. Matt rise up. This is from his two combing putt. Wow, look at this kick. And if we need even another another route to take this campaign, I will say his dad is Mexican and born in Mexico. So we have, for me, for me, that means a lot. I know you like to claim the Asian Americans. That's right. So I'm claiming him as the Latino athlete over here. I think that's another huge proponent for him. The Pablo Paolo alliance. It is a bond and alliance formed in forged and I think punting, which I did not expect, but I'm here for it, man. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me. I'm Pablo Toure. This has been ESPN daily. I will talk to you..

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