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Jordan, everyone in America is fighting a top of feel better everyone thing. Why? Because how the top of the Dallas Cowboys are built. This is a team it's built off. The success of the offensive line is the brainchild of it all there that has nothing to do with the play calling capability, Dalton. The defense has had injuries there. Come on. I don't think this is fair to do all this to Mike McCarthy. Stars are making plays. Ezekiel Elliott hates holding a football and make some uncomfortable. So work with your $90 million running back to figure out how to hold onto a football. Don't let him just run around this crop top doing the eating motion work with him. Figure out a way. I know. I know. Ezekiel Elliott has taken it upon himself to work on the fumbling issues. Whatever he's doing himself ain't working figure out a way to you think Mike McCarthy is not capable unfit to lead this team. I'm not saying that, but I think instead of defending like he did earlier defending his fake punt or defending the things that are going around him or and I'm not saying he's doing this point, But instead of sterile but a genius, I'm talking Instead of using, just saying instead of using things is an excuse, like being the Dallas Cowboys head coach or injuries or these play calls that he says you you have to take risks. No, no, you need to be more conservative with a football team that is plagued by injuries doesn't have their starting quarterback but does have a lot of their stars on the offensive side of the ball outside of the offensive line. Still playing and you're not utilizing them. There is no excuse for Dallas Cowboys seem to go out yesterday and put up on Lee 16 points and have your star $90 million running back only put up 32 yards. There's absolutely no excuse for it, and I'm not going to make excuses for Mike McCarthy adult He's in year one of a five year contract and Tad Archer are Cowboys insider even said he is on the hot seat. He's gotta warm seat already, and it's only hear one. There's no patients in Dallas guy like me. There's no patients area there. Are you upset? I told you Stop talking just going away for you to be done. Last thing I want to do is be scolded for 74th time on air today, So I make sure you've got it all out. If you'd gotten all of your opinions out, you can't interrupt, can interrupt, say Gordon. We were talking to Gary Barton early. You interrupted me and my question. You've been interrupting me this whole time. I just eventually tell you to stop. We're back to keeping score, which is always losing battle. If you're my shoes when we start keeping is you ever toward Are we bringing a friend on the show here soon, All right. We're asking Keyshawn Jalen Zubin Nation who will be better next year is that the Cowboys or the Texans? Jordan has been high on the Cowboys even yesterday before the game. I think the Texans I've been high on the Texas me, I've been right 70% of you, said the Texas Good mate. Not you bigger than me. Keeping score does it is up on the dagger Trapper Twitter feed and save. Okay, someone I'm sorry at the end, our and our our I always have issues reading Twitter handles because their creative Scottish can't you just got it. Oh, no, we're doing that. I just started all out at all That argument today wait in the holiday feels yesterday. We're imploding before your eyes is the NR hour to set us up on the Dr Pepper Twitter feed and said the Dallas Cowboys we better next. Because Jack Prescott will be back. We will improve our defense and add more pieces to the offense. How many more pieces you let your offense just add your offensive line? That's all you need. You already got all the pieces you could possibly want in the world. Unbelievable. But, hey, someone agreed with you. That's exciting, right? Should patronize me. We're happy. Someone is agreeing with you. I just think it's it's very obvious that the Dallas Cowboys Are in a position to be very good next year, and I also think that we haven't seen well. Coach McCarthy's truly capable of doing there in Dallas when he has a true off season and a true preseason to prepare to make Dallas good and when Dak Prescott returns, and if that defense can make some improvements, and those young stars could be better, they can build a little bit more in the draft. Dallas is going to be a very talented team and one worth having your eye on next season this season. Quite simply was it was blown away the opportunity for any optimism there with all that they face and it started with the injuries on their offensive line. When you think of Dallas, you immediately think offensive line and playmakers. And a new offense puts up a lot of numbers. They were doing that before Doc Prescott went down the defense historically awful, But the defense has taken some strides here and the defense is on Lee going to improve. It all comes back together. You're gonna want to cowboys over the Texas care what the public sees my poor husband just sounds so defeated, actually take pride in.

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