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A guy who had coast games in the past as a guy that was supposed to stabilize things here in his bullpen rama's is supposed to be guy that you could count on for seventy or eighty innings three five and below yellow ray and we'll be back in reliable in that bullpen for mickey callaway that was the hope that was the idea did about ramos friday night not being able to throw a strike walking in go ahead ron pitch wasn't even close might as well thrown in the baddest box then saturday all right vargas doesn't do his job back and forth game one of those type games both teams scoring a tunnel runs brahmos just comes in and blows the whole baby out you got to be at the point now if you'll make callaway the game is five or a six run lead or beyond that either way how do you justify putting this guy hi leverage situation can't do it crazy doesn't it strikes can't get anybody out find out awful think about what sandy alderson and this is the bigger issue with the mets now as we move forward into june and july dink they're all season and if you want to go back to the middle of july go ahead be my guest star today georamas from rama's awful vargas two years awful swore zach has pitched frazier and i like tough frazier was the one thing he's always done throughout his career played baseball what see not doing right now play baseball schwartz zach hideous contract how about mr.

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