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Roof masters the proof is in the roof Good morning it's 9 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th and Jack Taylor in the traffic center I'd be careful in Virginia We'd had reports out of fort belvoir back click road near barter road we'd had a crash involving an overturned vehicle you may find response on scene there follow their direction 95 and three 95 looking good north and south between the 14th street bridge and falmouth 66 looking just as good between roslin and Gainesville east and westbound One 23 north in Vienna after netley street utility worked there taken away the right lane It's a water main break the roadway's unfortunately compromised westbound route 7 before 66 taking the right lane of two traffic was still getting by to the left side Now you will find in Maryland the beltway topside out loop almost back to the post where a little heavy New Hampshire toward Georgia You'll find 50 out at the bay bridge the work today is on the eastbound span blocking the left lane but there's two way traffic on the westbound span so for right now not causing much of a delay Two 70s looking good between Bethesda and Frederick north and southbound new traffic patterns on 85 between two 70 and crestwood Crestwood boulevards closed between 85 and west few drive new traffic signals now activated on 85 to 70 and the new ramp from 85 to go north on two 70 open that ring opened has now closed two 70 southbound ramp to southbound 85 that is the new part of the long-term work zone There's really no delay between the beltways now 95 and the BW Parkway all earlier incidents have cleared Jack Taylor W TOP traffic Okay chuck bell We've got a lot of clouds out there this morning Where are we headed Well we are headed for the low and mid 40s temperature wise but the clouds may take a little longer to break up than you were hoping for.

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