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But either way. Either way. Guy, Josh Allen. Now, these starter of the biff Buffalo Bills reported by Adam Schefter this morning. I mean. Good luck. Good luck. So as Bomani Jones likes to call them the Peterman. Nathan Peterman obviously wasn't fit to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. And I mean, you know, let's just let's just go on a time line a bit. The Buffalo Bills signed AJ McCarron. Correct. Last year. Nathan Peterman got two starts correct. Didn't finish either correct? Threw five interceptions in one of them, correct. So with that knowledge, we move onto the offseason. Like I said, they signed Peter Mejia McCarron and draft draft, Josh Allen. Now you tell me usually when there's three quarterbacks on the roster you keep to and you cut a third. Josh Allen AJ, McCarron, and Nathan Peterman. Which two are you keeping in? Which one are you cutting? I think this is a very easy answer here. Normally you'd expect. We're going to cut the guy who looked like a complete garbage last year. And we'll put the rookie on the bench and start the vet. Did that happen? No, it did not. I don't understand what in the world, the bills were thinking here and that put them in a bad spot, put him in the spot that they're in currently. I don't understand. Trading AJ McCarron for fifth round pick. I don't understand thinking Nathan Peterman after playing well against second. And third stringers would be good enough to play against the best of the best. AJ McCarron has only had about five total starts. I'd set over three years, but AJ McCarron has played in a playoff game and how shown that he can be a serviceable quarterback. And I'm not saying great. I'm not saying good. I'm not even saying average. I'm just saying serviceable. So you have that information in front of you if you're buffalo and you know what they do. Oh, hey, Jon Gruden. What's up? Oh, you wanna. Give us a fifth round. Pick Frazier McCarron. Sure thing. Okay. We're gonna make Nathan Peterman are starting quarterback. Really, really buffalo. This is why it took you twenty years to get back in the playoffs. In what world. Do you trade AJ McCarron and make Nathan Peterman your starter because look what you did now. How you guys, Josh Allen going into a terrible situation. I mean, that was the plan, wasn't it? McCarron to start week one. I get McCarron got hurt during the preseason and all that. But I don't think it takes much for us to realize, yeah, he's a much better quarterback. Nathan Peterman. Nathan Peterman that's way too many letters full name, but are the way that's besides the point we could talk about that on litter show in a later date. AJ McCarron should've never got traded. Peterman should have been the one to get cut. I get careless. What he did is the second and third stringers. I mean. Not even that. Okay. Let's talk about this. Shouldn't you be able to know even with performances if a quarterback is good or not? I get he played well, it's the second and third stringers, but there's gotta be something as a coach or as a quarterbacks coach that shows? Yes, this guy will never cut it as far as being a starting quarterback or even a backup in your telling me the bills, quarterbacks coach, Sean McDermott, thrown off into coroner, did not see that there was something Nathan Peterman game that showed he would never be a top NFL not even a top average NFL quarterback and NFL quarterback who could hold who could finish the game. That's the bar for Nathan Peterman. You couldn't find anything in his game that showed you, this guy will never be able to finish a fell games. He started on three has not finished one. I mean, it tells me all I need to know about buffalo. Yeah, let's trade the guy with start first week one and start the guy who hasn't been able to finish a star. Congrats buffalo. You went nine and seven last year, you'll probably win eight less this year. And I mean, now getting into Josh l. and like I said, I don't think Josh Allen is a bad quarterback. I don't think he's a good quarterback at this point in his rookie season, I think Josh Allen can develop and become a good quarterback. I liked what I saw from him this year in the preseason, but he has absolutely zero business starting for the Buffalo Bills at.

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