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No, oh, but it's a point against him for me, an all time great like somebody has to get the statistics. So it's Julius peppers. He had so many sacks when he had shit side from them. Jewish. It never had the side of him though. Julius peppers was the best player on the best defensive line that the franchises ever had. How many sacks you have done when he played side opposite Tyler Brayton? I don't know. But Jewish third all time in sacks. Like, it's just saying the argument is kind of time second in franchise history in sacks to your. Overruling his one of his best seasons as a panther. When he played opposite. Right. All I'm saying. No Brad is saying is that Charles Johnson leading the team in sacks. I is not have any. It's. What I was saying though, he led the NFL in overall sacks over that period. Time. Did he because he never really had? I thought you meant that. He led the Panthers inside. He he had more sacks. He was the most consistent pass rusher over like four years prime than any other passers in the NFL. I don't remember that being true. But if it is then yeah, he probably should get in. But I thought you meant most on the team because he doesn't mean diddly squat because the pass rush on our team was dog shit. When we had Charlie Charles Johnson's prime. He was the most consistent pass rusher from year to year to year to year in the NFL at that time now when he was considered the one of the higher paid guys. That's that was the point. I was making. So to for me what I do. I look at it is like kinda put in like video game perspective or like, Madden perspective. Like you have to have like a. Overall rate being in the mid not mid to high nineties for an extended amount of time, I'll playing with the Panthers be considered like a hall of honor type thing just because you know, to put a number on it. 'cause that's what I do for everything. I mean, it's essentially are hall of fame. So you have to ask the question is this person an NFL hall of fame caliber player, that's bad. If they're not like if there's not even really an argument that I don't think they should get in the hall of honor. And the the we could even call it. The Chris gamble problem because Chris gamble is one of the best corners we've ever had. But if you look at his career compared to other players, he's not that great. And I get it that it's Panthers hall of honor. But I I don't think guys like that should get in. It was weird. I have a hall of honor with guys in there that have no NFL accolades to their name. Yeah. Yeah. I mean. You know, should Jon Beason get in. That one's close because he's got a bunch of pro bowls and stuff. Yeah. So by the way to Brian's point Charles Johnson in his peak is four best year stretch is best for your stretch from two thousand ten to two thousand thirteen. He was nowhere to go. Eighth in the NFL. Total sacks with forty four. If you make that five years he was fifth. That's not terrible. No. But but that's like like for the four-year stretch. He was he's tied with John Abraham will end one sack find Jason bobbin. Like, that's the kind of. Yeah. Kind of competition. That's the kind of companies keeping if I'll do the five year one where he was better. It's pretty similar the names are a little better. But you get the point. I'll tell you what we should do for the hall of honor the like the two thousand and three front four should go in as a unit. Yes..

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