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We definitely rely on our defense to keep their scoring lower than ours. South Carolina is now 35 and O, Josh Valtteri AP sports. AP news for this Saturday March 25th, I'm Jackie Quinn, a devastating tornadoes wiped out a small community in western Mississippi. Ain't no houses left up. The bruins have formally clinched the Atlantic division title with a two one decision over the lightning. Boston's 56th victory. The bruins are 6 away from tying the NHL single season record for wins with ten games remaining. Bee's newcomer garnered Hathaway scored a tiebreaking goal in the second period. We've been looking forward to this. To a team that's in the playoffs, going to be in the playoffs and we potentially could see a team that's battling right now. Patrice bergeron had a power play goal for the bruins, and Lena sull marks stopped 26 shots. Victor hedman had a shorthanded goal for the lightning and Andrei vasilevskiy made 32 saves. I'm Dave ferry. The Taliban say they're trying to take charge of more Afghan embassies abroad despite their international isolation because of their restrictions on women and girls, in a video the government's main spokesperson said they had sent diplomats to at least 14 countries to take charge of other diplomatic missions abroad, the UN and foreign governments have been extremely critical of the Taliban's treatment of female education and employment as a result the international community in general remains wary of officially recognizing the Taliban in Kabul, tenth grade students had awards, told the AP she has few prospects under the Taliban's rule. We're living with an uncertain future women's futures are wasted because they can not study and go to school, despite the disapproval to Taliban policies on women and girls, some countries retain an active diplomatic mission in Afghanistan, including Pakistan, turkey, Qatar, and China. I'm Karen Chammas

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