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A back and actually on the heels of fucked these people who used to be so good at the thing they do now suck so fucking bad talking about van morrison clapton with their shitty. Most maximally knows fucking anti lockdown songs. I mean fucking. Wow you know. Just so plainly bad. It reminds me of after nine eleven. A lot of like what. A surprise older at not t- not necessarily terrible now but like at least shittier than they were in their prime artists would put out these really fucking jingoistic on the nose. Rah rah america songs. I remember fucking springsteen did it but the worst offender was paul mccartney. Paul fucking mccartney sucks. Now fucking sucks and i know it's different too. I mean i mean there are many ways that the pandemic and nine eleven actually are similar. But they're really really like broadway's once you look more specifically they're kind of nothing alike. But and so paul mccartney making a song it after nine eleven to sort of unite people. Or whatever you wanna fuck and say. is different than van. Morrison an apparently racist. Eric clapton Making some really shitty antilock down songs but in a broad sense. It's the same thing it's a thing that it's a. It's a global event that is affecting everyone in one way or another physically financially mentally emotionally that an over the hill artist. Who used to be great and now buchan sucks make some anthem shitty piece of music as like it seemed cynical to me is like a shitty cash in any way the song the song that paul mccartney made i feel like no one could talk shit about it when it came out because there was this sense of unification in the western world after it ended up being obviously built on bullshit but you know bush had like a crazy high approval rating around eleven. I was in new york at the time. Everyone who usually shitty and snippy short with everyone was very sort of for a little while very nice to each other and very sort of feeling unified and there was this weird sense of patriotism even among those who would never think to be patriotic before along comes paul mccartney with the worst fucking song ever and again. I don't think we can talk shit about it that much when it came out of the time because everyone was sort of like sensitive but now so far in the rear view fucking in twenty years. Now i'm gonna have to pull that song back onto the spotlight and talk about how unbelievably bad as it's one of the worst songs ever as we've established norman greenbaum or whatever the fuck his name. His song spirit in the sky is the worst song ever this. Actually i change my mind. This might actually be worse than that. So here's paul mccartney's freedom. And i obviously won't be able to play the whole song because it's so bad but this is not a song and this is such a perfect example of a fucking person who used to be great getting old and just absolutely losing touch with everything that was interesting about them and just becoming as dull boring. Cashing fuck brad dalton right. Hey.

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