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Service at Everett's Paine field. Alaska Airlines was supposed to begin flights on February eleventh, but because of the shutdown the FAA has not been able to give final. Certification. Brett Smith is the CEO of propeller airports, which manages Paine field understandable, Alaska. Always takes care of its passengers. And I think those they're making the right call the scheduled start date is now March fourth assuming certification can be finalized. Jeff Pohjola, KOMO news. As we muddle through the three week highway ninety nine closure through Seattle, the drive from west Seattle seems to be among the toughest those especially true today. According to the porta Seattle's Peter McGraw that big trucks couldn't get out of terminal eighteen on harbor island backed up there. They couldn't get off the island, and they were dealing with a backup. That was just putting a cork on the bottle there. Those trucks are especially busy with a couple of cargo ships at pulled in this weekend. And now need to unload state transportation officials say the work to connect the tunnel to main line ninety nine still on track. Even in the rain. President Donald Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military will stand after the US supreme court rules. The band can remain while the cases are heard in lower courts. Komo's Ryan Harris has reaction from people involved in Washington state case, Elaine, Wylie, co director of the gender Justice league of Seattle says transgender people just want to give their best and this decision sends the wrong message and what they're being told. Now is for how they because who they are presenting themselves as is worthy of discrimination. I'm a military attorney Jeff law. Stick says this could among other things hurt recruitment efforts. Are we segmenting off a portion of the population that could otherwise be a very dedicated element in our military service to provide us the military power that we want and that we need is a nation. Washington senior US Senator Patty Murray and fellow democrat House Armed Services committee chair Adam Smith, both call the policy discriminatory. And they say anyone qualified and willing should be allowed to serve Ryan Harris. Komo news football coach challenging the Bremerton school district decision to fire him will not get his case heard by the US supreme court, Joe Kennedy, it his legal team asked the high court to review the case after lower courts sided with the school district and upheld his firing for praying with his students. Kennedy tells our sister station, caveat, what he told his students when this all began if you don't like the roof you challenge a role, but you don't just outright. Be defiant in in that aspect. And that's why I said that's what I'm doing. I'm challenging with the school district has implemented. Here. It is denial Justice Samuel Alito Kennedy's cases. Too many unresolved factual questions for the court case. Good job drivers, the number of people distracted by their cell phones. Small behind the wheel is down. According to a new survey. Cobos Romero has more states distracted driving law took effect in two thousand seventeen making it illegal to use any hand-held device like your cell phone while driving Stacey Hof with the Washington traffic safety commission says the law appears to be working as their latest survey done in June saw fewer drivers holding or using their phones. Decreased from five point seven percent in two thousand seventeen before the new law and dropped significantly down to three point four percent after the law. However, Hof says they saw an increase in other distractions like eating while driving. That's actually seems to be interfering with the task of driving that goes for passengers pet smoking maybe in there, but overall the safety Commission's message job drivers and putting their cell phone down when you're behind the wheel and just engaging in the task of driving see Romero. Komo news avalanche dangers, increasing. Because of our latest storm system. Here's KOMO meteorologist Abby Coney northwest avalanche center. Now includes most of the cascades, a considerable risk for avalanches that dangerous on the rise due to new mountain snow overall new and win drifted snow may not bond. Well to old snow surfaces. The center advises that people use caution in mid to higher elevations near and above treeline. January is the second deadliest month in Washington when it comes to avalanche related fatalities falling behind December which comes in. I the northwest avalanche center tells me that snowmobile and snowshoeing accidents has increased over the years and that avalanche danger education can be low for these groups. A nature reminder to those who had to the high country for any of these activities and more always be weather aware and he'd avalanche warnings. When their issues. There's another surge of avalanche danger in spring and early summer. Komo news time eleven forty from the Harley exteriors sports desk. Here's Tom Glasgow. Edgar Martinez.

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