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Fun for kids I really run a whole spectrum because I'm sort of more of a a more of a traditionally trained artists like in the academic sense, so a lot of the things I went to school war. We're just tools in the tool kit you had. A weird time period like hot yaws born in seventy two. And you know my parents were older and Mike. The, story track that I figured out go. US I would study graphic design and end up working for an AD agency has an in house or guy, and basically be doing a variety of art odds whatever they would be coming across myself, so might be a magazine a children's book at might commercial storyboards accent yet so? I really kind of developed a broad skill like tool side that I pick and choose for projects and and like. With the children's stuff usually you want. Children's these to be friendly, huge soft inviting. A Relatively simple and easy to read then when I do my illustration work. Does the president seen? That's more conic and slicker and it simple, but very complex the same time. and that's more geared towards what you might see for like. An album, cover or a magazine or book cover, Sure Yeah. Good. Description of what you do, because I I it's, it's really accurate Now I did mention commissions, but you also mentioned Devi Art you do have quite a catalog on their people can order prints from you at any time. I've been on that site since about ten thousand. And it's still sort of like it's. It's easy to use, and that's why like. And it's a great place to create a page and warehouse. Your work make subsets so I have a folder an area that superheroes Iberia. That's just. Traditional Black and white art. I have a section. That's children's are, and so you can go through, and there's a lot of stuff in a ton of stuff. is going. As, opposed to my instagram, the which I do host on very regularly. But it's not as easy to categorize. Navigate the things. You're interested in it, right? That's more for people that just kind of leave through and see kind of what's going on your your and art is. It's an amazing patriots, just a ton of stuff there. and. It's cool that people can order it so. Great Great Great, so do you have like a patron? Some nut how they beyond setup right now. Leave. Set it up. A within the next month or two because. It's a necessary thing and sometimes you just put off. At. Z. Shaw I've Had different blogs and websites at a certain point becomes a real challenge to run and stay on top of everything. Sure so I tried to I mean when invasions. It wasn't as problematic because I can meet people connect their. Give them my direct contact, information and kind of go that way now since that environment doesn't exist in the. The moment, yeah, I will be developed. That will be creating patriotaid probably at the end of this month to be able to facilitate better with people call so when that happens. Make sure that you tell me and we'll. We'll add all your social media links into the show notes, but will definitely add that I can add it two months off we need to. Definitely get that in there, because like I said I. I think it's really worth people checking out what you're doing and supporting artists like you patriotic and kickstarter in different crowd funding sources right now become so vital. Thing so you have a kickstarter coming up, tell me about. All yes. kickstarter kicks off in July. It's called the it's called foot fist Frankenstein. It's and you're right. You're writing android. Wrote and illustrated at I did have on a letter I did hire letter action letter to? Marshal Dillon. Known him, he's. You know he's worked for Marvel in DC. He's a very good professional guy and I brought him on board to helped me some chores, but it's pretty much. Yeah, the means story and art all comes from me I wrote it drew it in a tell me about the book. The book is the biggest centre fine. It's a combination of all the things I loved as a kid, so growing up a loves your monster movies and monsters, comic books and you know come through here certain Usubov that it's basically the story of a monster who, after finding a piece after wandering around and finding finally finding peace and happiness has that ripped away, and then that leads them down a path of revenge sort of like I like. John Wick meets the hulk a lot. Come from theater that all sounds good to me, man. It's easier to do a story yourself. If it's some of its things, you like to draw and rights and are familiar. Sure, and like I said those you. The influences all come from the stuff I grew up with so it naturally flows out of things that I like to draw as well as on. A simple story to relate so when does this kickstarter go up? The kickstarter kicks off July first. It goes live on the first of July excellent excellent so once again I'll share links into the show notes and. Actually. This is an exclusive for this show. It's the first time were relaunching show from our network called. Go Fund this and when Tom's book is going to be kick started. We will have tom on there. As well will ask different questions so maybe getting a little more depth on this stuff, so those of you that are interested in what time does definitely stay tuned, pay attention and watch for go fund this to hit because we will absolutely be featuring Tom in that first week. Of July so top with all these cons that are canceling postponing being held back one. What do you think is the best way for people support creators at this time? Only the best way to support creators is to find out the ways the creators are on either taking on commissions or selling their bugs and supporting now. I know a lot of artists like you. Said Have Patriots. Many many others actually have their books, unusual formats, either through their own sights, wrong places like complex. Where you can just go by and have it your being through the Internet down to device those are all probably the best ways that we all can support each other in the things that we like. Yeah because I mean really. Reach out to creators, look on either instagram or their websites or other social networks. See what they're doing. And then you know, see look and see if you can support the now. Cool so here's a here's a touchy feely question for you. Tom This is your dream cod. Who are you most excited to meet? Dream. Dream! And I'm not throwing. Throwing.

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