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Five payment weren't and you're gonna wanna grow finish. Las g a top twenty five ranking where he completed seeks obscenities pauses for that two and a half a thousand jobs that i talk about their. He actually any actually Nine yet yards Five hundred six non-nationals last year seven touchdowns in. That's why i say you know. He's being bit healthy this as what he's you know. He's the eleven games on the schedule to basically prove that he could be in the first round reason. I'm bringing him up as well is that hey could be a really interesting player for the steelers. That if he doesn't quite get there in any kind of slotting Is someone that Steelers could actually select Wrong and then. Develop blind. Ben ben roethlisberger front on the and that interesting pot about it really is like what concealment do with a guy like a grayson mccoll because living lead to as well In not crawl had a great game. And i actually the shoulders That he is going to be someone that you know. He's probably going to be out of bounds. Full of manila. One of my colleagues cullings guy like desmond reader out of cincinnati away about character like spencer outlook Their smothers implies to j. daniels He's he's gotta watch this week. is well tim's of tens of the gang that the hayes plain air against byu Year rachad white. There is wealth state bought Choice lucas human. Who some but was gonna come out on the draft. I'm pretty sure chase is actually one of the other of a wrap around having meant blank owner that he's that's pretty interesting If you're looking at that game with our son site davis byu when it comes to Cincinnati that desmond rid of the year. They've got a running back. Drawing forty really stepped up in the last couple of weeks as well. That could be really interesting. They're playing unit. Indiana michael panics. Gene is obviously they are doing doing a bit gets headlines tie fry fogel wide receiver. Mike mcfadden the linebacker. Taiwan mullen as well and guys to really consider back moving back to cincinnati cincinnati. Side on on gonna is someone to think about the cornerback. Position to the steelers can case led to a second or third round. Pick need some cornerback. Help we know that winnowing younger. Abc's will be back. Ada robot Comfortable will actually filing deliver on hot from. That's being coming through still off season in early season her nose. Then you've got number one You sorry Doing notre dame. I think they have. The real issue is garlic davis bell. Is he gonna fall into a couple later rounds and be there as wide receiver. We like peak someone in the second third fourth and fifth round. Develop them And then it's called hamilton. That game too interesting to watch. But i really Any if we all With with peak that. I will be picking a safety but that pick. It'd be highly doubtful that then alabama playing florida. That's beginning of attention. Christian harris linebacker could be someone that it's quite interesting. Wanna get someone over. Time to pay. Devon bush on will not want contract that Rejected someone you may want to out for the brush to his. You could win the heisman whether he declares and also the steel during my doubt it. Then you've got all open at penn state Zecchini mclean one. That could be interesting to watch At one equally ellis brooks linebacker on On the penn state side to quan brisket. The safety could be interesting to watch to the end. All in papua actually momentary. Someone to consider watching that game are coveted hours versus byu there. I think really unity this is. This is gonna be interesting pot for those of you. The senior on the west coast looking at us as well. What do they do to find. A coach. United ten kaelin slightest. Step it up. Know with drake london well wide receiver. That's interesting things really really say out of that yet. That wraps up this week steals warren even joined the instruction the poets beginning. We're gonna make sure the better. Nancy so he donate the complete show but i was pretty cool off to the first week of the steelers season we knew with a ton in this roster wing mute rookies had to step up. I thought pretty job. If you giving a write in y- giving a writing doing seven top ten really. I think because as a cohort. They made an impact. No-one and the biggest thing was no one had a massive mistake. No one cost steel. Is the game. You can't say that the rookies and we think like we had multiple fresno draft picks separate drought peace real multiples. The downdraft gates. You know this is actually incredible. Outpost from is covered. You know i compare that. To the.

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