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Murder. The podcast. Sure is for this new America. It sure isn't. Do our best. Is this the Old America? We read so much I. Fuck what the fuck just started off like it. Nothing's ever going to be the same again now. It's you know it's amazing and well. Yeah, there's definitely so many good parts about it. Yeah, like we keeping shown the bad parts, but. The. Good thing is that we're also. If you're looking correctly, you're also being shown the good part. That's right. There's progress being made in in. We were just talking about Jordan talking about how in the fast past forty eight hours so much has changed so many things have happened so much information has come. Over the wire I get all my information through an old teletype. Accidentally just watching the wire. The wire stringer bell slave me. That's it's so stressful. but no, there's just. Yeah I mean guys. I think you know better than anybody that we don't know how to talk about socio political grace, relational things A. We didn't go to college. We've said meant multiple times I mean that's number one I mean we're. We're both educated by social media as everybody is..

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