A new story from Jalen and Jacoby


Points basically on a nightly basis getting me fifteen plus boards basically on average four five times made a couple of threes and improved improve in that area. But here's one thing that I really concern too. Many Air Ball from the free throw line. That's what I miss them. But we'd show three the era ball that he shot so very early in the season that clearly has to be something needs to be improved. It's one thing to air from the free. Throw line something. I've done many times in my life. It's nothing nothing to do on the second one like using miss the first one bad. He makes some adjustments battle harding little software. The level of right with airball in the second one says that there's something going on upstairs. We have enough on my favorite player in Australia. Lamelo ball moving at twenty four point six rebounds eight assists in what was his most complete performance. Look at that Blue Lamelo Ball Lamelo. Just don't pass Lamelo Ball if you've got a high draft pick I you know I don't want the number one pick this year. I want like number three number three made for you. I'll if I'm John I don't know if that was the number one one pick this year. What do you think about Australia's I liked what you did there? You don't WanNa Beatty got. It takes pulse omen tatum. You want everybody radio to allow the draft the plant cell phone at the top of the grab. Your Guy Lamelo who's grown to be six seven Jacoby lifted me getting a lot stronger. Allow allow more patient. It takes paces to drive to the lane and do a behind the back bounce. Pass that terrific quarter awareness. He really is and someone else will be consideration top of next year's draft. It's an interesting situation. That is James Wiseman Jalen rose moving hit the brakes on. Why hit the brakes now? This is a little bit complicated. I'm a child breakdown. Possible with James Watson was a youth player. Anthony Hardaway moved him out to Memphis to plan as a team than Anthony. Hardy became the Memphis the head coach. He also gave the university money to start Athletic Hall of fame which officially according to the rules makes him a booster so the the NCAA says James Wiseman you cannot play you are ineligible so what does wiseman do plays because temporary restraining order issued by a judge. This is a mess Jaylen. What is happening? What's going to happen to wise moving forward only the NCAA finds ways to discipline? The potential number one pick in the NBA and the NFL on the same day. Only they can do that. One bad headline the forest is not enough. Let's get to bad headlines. Let's take two of our stars out of our product in one day. You just showed Lamelo ball playing basketball. Where was he Australia down under was gonNA continue to happen to the top prospects? They're going to either go from high school to the League or go overseas because they don't want to be under these archaic stringent rules that the NCAA legislates where else in society diety can talented individuals.

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