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There's some. There's some people out there to find and not everyone went to Princeton. You don't. I mean for the chargers, it was a massive day on offense and total Philip rivers, four hundred and twenty four passing yards. Melvin Gordon at one hundred plus receiving yards. Keen Allen one hundred plus receiving yards. So again, sort of chalk status for those guys. But Austin Ecuador caught my eyes there. Matthew yesterday, ten touches them wants to find. I were training camp. They made a points to say. Talked about Austin cler and said that he was very excited about what he would bring to the offense this year. Also knuckle needs to be rostered one hundred percent of leagues because Melvin Gordon is roster. One hundred percent leagues. He's clearly the handcuffed him Gordon, even though they're obviously very different kinds of running backs. But yeah, I mean, they wanted to limit of those. One of the things we heard coming into the season was that they wanted to limit Melvin Gordon's touch somebody who's been just like one of the the true workhorses of the NFL since he's come into the league. I mean interpretive. He's always he's always top five in terms of total touches among running backs here. So echo getting about ten touches in this game. That sounds about right now. Some of it was comeback mode. But when you think about Chris Thompson, I think Chris Thompson's probably a good comp in terms of how they're used in the offense in terms of the amount of snaps. You know what I mean? Like Chris Thompson's gonna get, you know, ten to twelve touches a game, and that's I think what Austin equa is going to get got another guy for your waiver wire column field. William Mike Williams, big. Him for. I mean, I just I saw where often going undrafted. I was getting him in very late rounds, but it was really nice to see him be utilized the way that he was wasn't sure Antonio gates was present. I didn't know how much I was gonna factor into it, but five catches eighty one yards and healthy. Mike Williams could be a big deal for them thing for for yesterday with for fantasy was they had to throw the ball so much. I don't really. They'll have to do so much slower. But Mike Williams, big and talented Antonio gates does nothing in this game. I bring him up only because first game back chiefs, sort of, you know, have traditionally been tough against the tight in better days or head for Antonio gates, and I bring that up just because I know we've got some tight injuries that we're going to get to Antonio gates, I think would be on your waiver wire column after George kill in terms of titans that you need to pay as roster percentage. But maybe maybe how, how many people have internet gates on the roster. I don't think it's, I think it's certainly more than. Less than fifty percent moving along to the titans and the dolphins. The craziest game of the day yesterday because it took six hours to complete. It was crazy. The game started that one. They had massive delays because of lightning on several different occasions. Yesterday, the tight left is game not just in defeats defiant banged up Laney Walker to not look good Delaney locker, I think is likely done for the season. I mean, this was a ankle injury that I never may have what you saw a couple times last year in like, oh, Dell's ankle injury. Delaney Walker, being carted off whenever you see them putting like splint around him, you worry about if there's a concern for a broken bone. But I would say, and you just saw the immediate concern from his teammates in veteran, he's a leader. He's one of the most durable and consistent players on the team, and they just extended him if I'm not mistaken. So I just really unfortunate all the way around top consistent performer at the tide imposition fantasy. But I think you should start making plans for another titan. Marcus. Mariota also got banged up, but did. Come back into the game. He did, but he left right away..

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