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One one hawk lose games from Anisimov inside at three forty seven the first Blue's attack high back of the hawk zone circle. One for the net. It's through the crease and wide. Now. The puck rolls off. Brandon manning skates into the crease Crawford good Lovin and hold it. There. This manning gave Balzac a with the stick linesmen jumped in your call that manning last game the hawks played at the United Center had a late scrap with Jimmy C of the New York Rangers. Faceoff developed prompt? Back to St Louis, and it's exactly what you wanted to do. That's the first shot on goal for the hawks long range shot. Not a lot of steam behind that wall place, but take Alan's gotta have that one for j count. He struggled with some competence issues. Right now, you gotta think the Jake Allen. Goaltenders you gotta shake it off. But right now, Jake Allen who got pulled at the last game, by the way. Six goals serving the four goals at twenty eight shots pulled halfway through that game against Columbus. This confidence is not high. And that's a great job by the Blackhawks get at least one rate by early is a shot from Jordan small from the high slot hawk zone. Turned wide with a stick. Save from Crawford. Jordan, of course, is the brother of the hawks next malts. Now in the hawk net sunk with reaching for a pass. Pulled off his stick my spray there by Marcus Kurd. You're sunk inside the wine left point coughed up the puck to the hawks. John Hayden back handed down behind the net. Done moves it over to schmaltz pass up the left wing Ivan barbershop blues blue line, he'll step ahead at center ice with the puck. Spin it around down the left wing boards hawk zone. Brent Seabrook to get it there shot it across the rink Eric custody. Hotline left wing passing and head through case to case. As for the local fire shot blocked. Bring it got the puck back left wing corner. Hits a wide open. Seabrook deep slot hammers are gonna Pat save made by the who got it back to Seabrook right point again in another drive and Allen is down with a butterfly save at the top. Pretty good shots there for Seabrook. Helen made both save face off circle to Allen's left. We're tied at one shot. There was no traffic in front of the net. Dick L gives the juicy rebound almost goes to John potatoes hopped over a stick the second one follows up as equipment, but one hundred percents. Sure exactly where it was. Hilda's positioning didn't move until the whistle. Went trying to find it into equipment. The draw to the left of Allen the blues. Get it Perico behind his net. Put it up the right side boards dole Riley at center ice moves it over the hawk line. Sanford fires, and that's why I set up their vile Riley. On the left wing corner. Wiley koran. There were a lot of room for the booth forward. That way and finally got a shot Sanford henna wide open net and makes it to one. Zach Sanford picked up a trade with the Washington Capitals. Red hot here in the last little while points in four straight games. Two goals. Four shots coming into this or go to go in and assist. This is an easy tap in his third of the season. Tasers lines. Gotta be better against the top line of the Saint Louis blues blues set some good depth down the middle. And they've got some pretty decent mine combinations. That you gonna have to be aware of. But that one matchup right off the bat is against Riley. And so far. O'reilly's line plus two tasers line minus to fill the goal at five twenty eight of period. Number one makes it to one St Louis back to the play with the puck over the hawk line right wing became entangled with Eric Gusta sin put the puck behind the hawk net. Brent Seabrook passing up the right wing side taking their by Patrick Kane. Lissette through the air down the left wing corner. Bluestone Brandon Saad and Alex portraying Gelo battle there Latimer. Tarasenko Cinco moves the puck to the left wing boards and the blues but Hispanic back to the corner. And now here's came with it behind the blues. Jane better in front the side. And he tried to swing in on goal. With a backhand is knocked off his stick around the left point kept them there. Now, here's Saad with a shot from the left, circle, that's turned wide. Kane. Got it back along the right board game took the puck to the right point it to the left point intended for Brandon manning. He turned the wrong way the blues get the puck back but translate back into the hawk zone. The right-wing driven into the end boards with a nice hit by manning. And off the puck blues. Get it back. Here's a shot from the left point from steam. That's turned wide by Crawford. Alexandra fourteen over in the far corner hawk zone. Ends up with the puck behind the hawk net. Random manning there for the hawks stops. And then sacked the pass up the right side the left wing side, excuse me, fourteen John Lewis line left wing to next faults suits down with a butterfly save. And I second look like that might sneak through and into the net. But he ends up with the puck to one Saint Louis will twelve fifty four left in the first here in Saint Lou. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty WGN here. He brings CMS he. A message from the king and his new trumpet tear Stephen.

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