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Cheater ever. And I said Al Qaeda, I meant Taliban leaders. Somebody somebody credible dolls somebody correct me and said, Al Qaeda's not Taliban that I sale Qaeda Taliban. So I know there's a difference between al-qaeda and the Taliban trading. The enemy. I think we could say, yes. Yes. Deepwater term, it doesn't show. Well, thank you. Thank you. Because the last thing we want to do is put out. Incorrect information out there about Al Qaeda about Al Qaeda. Yes, it does. It doesn't it doesn't change the statement on the negotiating position of the past of the the former president, right? So yes, but why did make sure that we straight? Yeah. All policies to write Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Yeah. I do no difference. It was just a it was it was a pause in my cerebrum in cerebellar. Thank you for the people. Who are correct see? But that's the point. We say we make any mistake. Even if it's not quarter with story. Oh. Right. Some people may describe that as a neurological gas issue. Melvin we if we the week get corrected immediately. Even if it's just, you know, spy mistakes. Yes. Right. Right. And by the way, we appreciate it. Because that's the last thing that we want because we know that the left will take advantage of you. If you if you are one hundred percent, accurate on everything. And when we when we say that the the debate has to be better from Republicans and the administration. It means you have to be accurate, and we have to be accurate to. So we did a right. Yes. We're accurate. One hundred twenty percent of the time. It was not done intentionally. No. I was I was not attempting to praise or insult al-qaeda more praise or insult the Taliban with that mistake. No. We will insult them later, but not..

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