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I get it like this is a romantic game but it would have been cool cool to see more of that or at least spaced out more. I know certain character. Interactions can't be unlocked until you hit a certain point in the game but for me i had clots s rank unlocked for for a while but it's like i had to wait until the very end to see that it was like in the meantime it was like okay. I guess we're an act like we don't exist evening. Mass effect game right like you do those extra flirty options and that would have been cool. I know vastly different games but pipedream. Yes yes very much so oh well. I think we've spoiler shit out of this any final thoughts. <hes> let me look through a really quickly as if there's any questions that no i think we kind of covered everything yeah. It'll be good yeah. If you want to comment on the spoiler cast in the comments maybe do a nice thing and put spoilers first before you start talking about the spoilers because you know people read the comments and stuff and you don't want them to get this awesome game spoiled before it's their time yes yes well. Damn i feel so much. That was great. I it was good to hear your perspective on everything about black eagles. I'm still happy that i won't golden deer but at least like i have some more respect for ill garden and like walkie decisions that were not portrayed in the best way to me with soifer perspective you had that's right all right ladies and gentlemen we said at the end of last segment it is pax week so so make sure you stop on by. If you're going to be in town and say hi hi five don't awkwardly smell steiner like we talked about during advertisement because that's just the kind of a weird thing to do so oh yeah and thank you for tuning into this episode of steinbach i believe next week the plan is to upload our packs west panel as the podcast so the unless anything goes horribly wrong. We'll be taking next week offer a little arnuhar and we'll be uploading our panel and something does go horribly wrong. We'll be back with another podcast all right guys. Thank you so much for listening. Washy nuts dot com slash and we will do next week. Hi the yeah it may take..

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