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I think if they can get some stability with a guy like sean legacy. The sky's the limit. Yeah no i agree. Establish him as a champion and you got somebody to run with which company and then you've also got a built in whoever wins You got a great rematch. You can go with that's true. I wonder whether next stipulation cage. Well the one. Good thing about the cage is i know in the past that i do shows. There has been some chicanery. There has been run ins. there has been interference. We know this is going to be a one on one match. And there's going to be a winner and we both agree. It's going to be shown legacy and i think i think sean legacy is set up for a an amazing twenty twenty one. He's been on. Aew dark Maybe even been on dynamite. I'm not can't You know everything's running together. Solid legacy is one of those guys. The sky's the limit for him. Yeah no i agree. He's he's got success written all over michigan matter. Just a matter of time So so again. Ac mac and david ali joe and i both pick david ali tyler. Hunter young were split. Joe thanks young. I think todd culprit savannah evans in brooklyn curried. We're both in the. We're both all in savannah. Evans hammer stone in logan creed we both think. Load and creeds gonna win. We both think the metro retain the tag team titles and we both think shown legacy walks out of the way so go draftkings dot com. You know figure all that out did you. Did you always pick the penguin. Because you're dc fan why you couldn't pink hunter young. I just had to be contrary on that when i didn't want us to pick. Just just throw this out there again. This is november twenty first at columbia county fairgrounds grove town georgia which is in columbia. County obviously is a suburb of augusta. Martin as evans anyone around here in the cs already is thirty minutes or less from this place and it said i'm looking here. The doors opening bell times seven. They don't have reserved seating for this right. So if you wanna you wanna set your chair that you bring up close you need to get there early as you can. And i do think timothy reminded me that Tim blackman rodney. That masks are required. Okay so you know. They're they're trying to implement some precautions for covert as well. We'll put the ticket link. It's outta me online. Ticks dot tc ticket league dot com where you can get tickets to..

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