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With tracy taylor also check five 509 nine ron real quick before we check in with tracy we're gonna talk about a shooting that happened today you're looking at some of the bullet holes in some of these windshields this occurred about one thirty kind of south of the airport it is remarkable that no one was killed in there somebody somebody was trying to somebody's trying to kill someone yeah there are multiple photos going around twitter right now in trooper rick johnson the washington state patrol i'm looking at photos from his page i there's a gold suv where it is directly the bullet hole is directly at eye level right at the driver's side window that person was able to stop the vehicle and walk away there's also a shot of a red four by four truck that it looks like he was shooting at the gas tank it's it's a couple of inches away from where the the opening you put the gas nozzle if you had a bullet a high speed bullet hitting a gas tank from that distance i mean i don't i don't seems like it'd be catastrophic because i know it's a huge inconvenience right now but the reason there's a huge inconvenience right house they need to find this person i was doing that because if they go out and do that today they'll do it again tonight they'll do it again tomorrow and i don't mean to cause any talent but they need to find the person or persons that was doing this if you have any information because typically when somebody does something like this they bragged to somebody they tell somebody please call nine one one and there's a lot of things going on right now with cellphones triangulation they have a swat team in the area aircraft up multiple agencies down there and it sucks for you right now and i know that but it's all about your safety just not today the during the evening commute tonight and tomorrow because we don't want this person show him back up we want them in a jail cell somewhere so tracy what are you sit and kipper johnson just chimed in a not too long ago and said their homeland protective services have arrived and canine units along with slot aircraft support all continued diligently did for a search for the shooter again five oh nine closed both directions one sixty two moins.

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