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Of which is unfortunate i think as just by the natshe the chip by using that i'll have the everything worked out to have a a karen six fifty nine a oreo just yet which is understandable not ideal for people buying it but it will be bridged oreo eventually and actually in the hallway site in eu i5 really isn't that different emu y eight in uic not missing on a whole lot um and yet camera isn't a huge our great of the six secs you gotta a higher resolution sense of a really that's about its um some software changes like it a portrait mode now uh but he still have you know just the uh things in f f to our viewpoint to lend sixty megapixel he of the second lens that which is just he's the debt sensing stuff um so at like a decent entrylevel camera but not a whole massive upgrade from the previous generation the big thing he karbacher going from the six acts the 7x is the designed the screen and just the general style veal with a thing yeah it just it just doesn't feel so kind of bargainbasement to me as the six amin deal gartrell months the six exxon noli phobic coating on the screen right that's why we were and we're gonna take more of a complete device it really does year on i think it'll it'll do quite well deservedly because of that and at what roughly double the price you've got the the honor view ten yeah i think almost exactly priced along the lines of the entry level five t eagled via tan on that is kind of a it's easy to look at it as cover rebadged may tan it is if you kind of storms below the surface the design is quite different designs actually more in line with the some of the all new devices light the eight pro and seven axe um but again you have that eighteen by not aspect ratio you have uh the full factor that will very familiar with a tennessee dp screen is lcd this time it's kind of a context parts of the may ten like the cebu anza in of six get to ram 128 extra storage because of the cpu of all the iced up while he's been working.

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