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Sonny Bono, Pete Nick Sonny Bono, Dave Osborne discussed on The Adam Carolla Show


Trump. Gina gina. The news with Gina grad on sorry to start off with some sad news, but Bob Stein, that name might sound familiar to some who's fifty year career as a comedy writer and performer ranged from the smothers brothers comedy hour to Larry David's curb your enthusiasm has died. He was seventy six now. Again, if that name sounds familiar, and you're just not sure why he was of course, super Dave Osborne. And also Marty Funkhouser on curb your enthusiasm, his brother writer director and actor Albert Brooks remembered him on Twitter said he was great brother, brilliantly funny, man. And in addition to his recurring role on curb which lasted from two thousand four to its most recent seasons. Einstein appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including his brothers, film, modern romance oceans thirteen and just to a real funny guy and a great icon, and friend of the show. I believe it was very difficult because I was talking to cousins, Sal who was just talking. To him before he laughed on. Couple of days for we left for vacation. And then we'd heard that a friend of ours, Ernie Barbie area's Tony Barbee Aries father. He know him from windy city heat. And he's a good guy and everything. So we heard that Ernie Barbie airy had had passed. I think that night and everyone's we'd liked Ernie Alon Tony lot. So it was sad all of us and then woke up the following morning and Sal had found out two guys you've spoken to just the last week which was super Dave in mean Jean Oakland. Knows. Well, scuz- US House a crazy wrestling guy. Let me tell you something mean Jean video for you. You're gonna love me, gene. And. And sorry super David pass at the same time same age same age and then to make things a little weirder. I was talking to Daniel the night before at dinner, and he's talking about how surreal those like we're talking about what a piece of shit Sonny Bono was over dinner and paint. I like to sh- bag hall of fame and look no further than Sonny Bono of the sixties wearing the scarf in the big glasses and the fair, and the long hair, and it's got the for vast. And he's all hey, I'm beat Nick. I'm Pete Nick Sonny Bono, and then Republican Palm Springs Sonny Bono. And then you realize which guy is eating. It's like, oh, he's whatever guy gets paid. That's that's how Sonny Bono work with zero talent fucking Leech. Anyway, glad he's gone. But we're talking about peace shit. He was and then we're talking about that somebody. Pitched him. Sort of send up on a old show an interest showing him. Showing him the captain to kneel special the they do variety show. Donny.

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Sonny Bono, Pete Nick Sonny Bono, Dave Osborne discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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