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Happy that you're here if you're a longtime fan welcome back this. We're very happy to have you here today. Because i have incredibly special guests are featured guest is the founder and chief visionary officer of be in with ten thousand chapters and two hundred and seventy thousand members globally. He's a new york times bestselling author. He's written twenty six books including the connector effect. And he's called the father of modern network by cnn and one of the top networking experts by none less than forbes magazine. My guest today. Of course dr. Ivan meister from from tech lost in texas austin texas dockyard visor. Thank you so much for joining us. thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it and please me. i haven't well. I will because you know i'm excited. You have been a long time fan of yours. I've known about you for years. You really have no. You didn't tell me that before. We started yeah. No oh i heard if you yesterday no you for thirty years and You know i'm curious. I know you're listening. You're probably curious too because you've probably heard of this. Enormous networking event Network bullet is a networking event. But it's networking circles in all these countries and all these cities. How did you come up with the idea. Let's start there. I think is a great example of necessity being the mother of invention. I'd like to tell you that. I had this vision of an international organization. But i didn't i just needed referrals. I was a management consultant. I needed referrals. Had friends that i wanted to refer. I hope they would refer me. I put together a group. I put together a group in my vision of what a good network would be. Because i went to a lot of networks that were mercenary. I'd go there. Everyone was selling to me. I felt like i when i went home. I had to get a shower. Because i've been to some of those groups and then i've been to networks. That were totally socialist. Happy hour d'oeuvres. Nobody was doing business. I didn't like either of those. And so i wanted to take the idea of doing business with the idea of being relational but not totally social merged them together in the glue. That would hold it together in. My mind was this philosophy of givers game which is our principal core value. If i give business. If i help other people they'll help me little. Did i know that. I was not the only person that wanted something like that. In less than a year we open twenty groups really by accident. It was not my goal to do that but when that happened. I was like wait a minute. I need to pay attention here..

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