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Minute presented by heritage distilling company heritage chief Justin Stiefel shares his recipe today for an eggnog latte we want for us as of eggnog what's a different types of eggnog out there the better quality eggnog by the better drink is going to be okay SO four inches of eggnog two ounces of cold brew coffee great stuff on the market now in a can in bottles just get the cold brew coffee like two ounces of our L. crater by can can and a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract I was at all come together okay so in a cocktail shaker full of ice Sir all of the forest say no to out to the colder coffee two ounces of vodka water teaspoon vanilla extract and shake it as hard as you can for a least fifteen seconds wanna get all that ice chunk down as much as possible and then you are straight into a glass and we always get the little bit of fresh not make powder or someone how to grade crossings on as today's heritage minute presented by heritage distilling company countdown to the big day with your very own spirit advent calendar from heritage distilling company and each of the first twenty four days of December with a tree from the heritage line up including the popular brown sugar Bourbon flavored vodka and whiskey get your spirits advent calendar today from your nearest total wine and more order online at heritage distilling dot com hi this is your last chance to get gas before the holiday and right now at Old Navy everything's up to seventy five percent off with gifts from just one two three and four Bucks by online pick up in store for free in two hours with extended store hours to get up to seventy five percent off everything it'll baby until they be dot com now though twelve eighteen twelve twenty four excludes gift cards today only two day only deals register lane items jury and that's out stuff give demons order must be placed by four PM for same day pickup subject to availability and delays additional terms apply is not an emergency plan to make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency call where to meet what to pack search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one a public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the ad council who says you have to leave home to go on a great adventure discover new things about your family by hosting a YFU international exchange student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet traumatic brain injury of flicks many of our military heroes returning from combat thanks to a partnership between the intrepid.

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