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I'm Janine Herbs. The commerce secretary says the U. S economy still has a long way to go to recover from the Corona virus pandemic. MPR's Joel Rose. Reports Gina Raimondo says a fear and lack of affordable child care are preventing many Americans from returning to work. A disappointing jobs report released last week shows that the U. S economy fell far short of expectations in April. Republicans blame that on enhanced unemployment aid, which they say is discouraging Americans from looking for work. But Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo says there's no data to support that argument. Here she is on CBS is face the nation. People are still telling us the number One reason they're not going back to work is is fear due to the virus. And more people were looking for work last month and the month before. Israel's Supreme Court says it's canceled tomorrow's hearing on possible evictions of Palestinians from Jerusalem neighborhood. A new date will be set within 30 days. This comes after Israeli police and Palestinians clashed on the most sacred night of the year in the Muslim calendar. Medics say Around 90. Palestinians were wounded NPR's Daniel Estrin reports. Skirmishes with police have taken place throughout Ramadan. In Jerusalem, tens of thousands of worshippers held prayers at the Al Aqsa mosque outside Jerusalem's Old city. Large Palestinian crowds chanted some threw rocks and water bottles at police. Palestinian medics said Palestinians were wounded. Police fired stun grenades and rubber coated bullets. Police had some officers were wounded the day before, more than 200. Palestinians and several Israeli police officers were wounded. There are concerns of more violence on Monday. Daniel Estrin NPR news Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby suspended Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert afterward that Medina spirit, the Derby winning horse, Baffert trained failed a post race drug test from member station W F Pl Ryan Van Bells, ER has more Seven time Kentucky Derby winning trainer Bob Baffert is once again facing allegations that one of his horses failed a post race drug test at a Sunday morning press conference outside his barn, Baffert said Medina spirit tested positive for the drug better method zone. That's the same drug found in the system of another Baffert trained horse that was disqualified from the Kentucky Oaks last year. The anti inflammatory drug is legal, but Baffert says the horse tested above acceptable limits. Officials have not yet confirmed the tests. But if the findings are upheld, Medina spirit could be officially disqualified from the Kentucky Derby. Following the announcement, Churchill Downs immediately suspended Baffert from entering any horses at the track for NPR News. I'm Ryan vandalism. Effort tonight all wrongdoing and promised to cooperate with the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission during the investigation. This is NPR news. This is W N Y. C. Good evening on my own. Levinson. A shooting in Times Square on Saturday that resulted in three people injured has some hospitality industry leaders concerned about the city's ability to bounce back from the pandemic. BJ Don Tapani heads the Hotel Association of New York City and says officials can't afford to downplay crime. If they want tourists to return every tourist before they set out. Looks to see. Is it a safe place when I get robbed, But I could mug well. I get shot and killed. These are factors that need to be addressed. Tehran The NYPD says there's been 448 shooting incidents in the city so far this year. That's up sharply from 241 incidents by this point just a year ago. We're just about a month to go before a New Yorkers choose a new mayor W N. Y. C set out to hear from people about what they're thinking about the race. China. Hagler is a teacher from Crown Heights. She says she's undecided about who to support for mayor but is very clear about who isn't getting her vote. I know that I am not voting for Andrew Yang said that I know I don't know He hasn't been in the city and I don't think that he knows what's going on in the city. And I feel like if you Running for mayor. You should have been living here, you know, voted in our local.

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