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Imagine for pizza wrapped in the New York subway like yeah what the actual where's my pizza it's going on over here Kereta two is going to starve to death yeah yes you know going on some Malone I picture the subway right sounds exactly Robert in Florida am I right okay I think you're right if you're casting okay R. okay all right well because god knows what new out for the week next citing you need to break out your Bob Mackie yeah which one hi mom she's saving up for Charlie Howard Morris of course she would say that she had a Bob Mackie he's having a very well dressed and you can count on I'll see what I can find yeah I think you started in a sequin Bob Mackie although I used a purple one with spark on it nice chocolate stripes oh okay well honey sorry that's unfortunate yeah but that a casual cleaner didn't you okay twenty what is pandemic fashion we know there has been a spike in dress shirts but nobody's buying pants anymore story got just put on your hands when this is over the pencils people I'm sorry like working from home it's freeing I used to work in balls out all right twenty minutes after the hour this portion of the show brought to you by faith puts this on and unsolicited testimony actually on some unsolicited tweet ammonium hello all over the twenty years I I I love this Stephen tweets Stephanie Miller thank you for the promotional ling for Omaha steaks it will keep the family healthy during the social distancing era exactly I listened they were cool before they knew it I'm doing the vacuum sealed flash frozen delivered safely to your door in a dry ice cooler and if people know what is the best quality stuff and the best part.

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