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The plural of it. Can I get to this consent? Go story. I'm kind of confused by this whole arrested development thing where we go in here. So here is some Twitter action from Jose Canseco over the weekend. So his belly speaking with a list, just so we're all clear quote watching world of dance watching jaylo text Alex Rodriguez little. Does she know that he is cheating on her with my ex wife? Jessica poor girl. She has no idea who he really is. I was there a few months back with her when he called her and her phone he continued and then Alex Rodriguez stopped being a piece of bleep stop cheating on Jennifer Lopez. And then finally, and this is usually how it ends with Jose can take Conceico diatribes on Twitter, usually Alex Rodriguez. I challenge you to a boxing match or an EMMY meant anytime you want for money. Of course, I know he doesn't say for money. But that is that it goes without saying. Great. Last week. You said Jose can Saco has regret over leaking some of the the names in juiced and that he's been ostracized. And he doesn't like that. But he does stuff like this, which seems a double down all, but he's crazy when it comes to women and has been all his life. Like, these e is crazy in terms of jealousy. Just in terms of women because he's promising to see aliens and sassy and he's praising all right? Put this on the poll. What's crazier about Jose Canseco that he tells you that you can see a big feet and alien big Foot's or his jealousy. It's tough here who do you believe more could Saco or Iran. I mean. Arabs, not saying anything. I don't think Iran's denying it right now. Billy, you didn't understand anything. I was saying did you? I think it's big feats donlevatar. Who? Guillermo, sassy, stugatz sexy. When you're Sesing visit live at our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. So if James Dolan is not the worst owner in sports, he is a hall of fame loser..

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