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Tuesday Wednesday next week. I'm meteorologist Scott Larrimore, The weather Channel. It's ah little bit of clouds, little bit of fog out there. 74 of the top tax defenders 24 hour Weather Center 101. Now our top story, Harris County prosecutors were seeking the death penalty against illegal alien who shot and killed the Houston police sergeant wounded. A second officer, chief announcer. Also, Vedo says that 51 year old Elmer Manzano could also face federal charges as well. The suspect is a foreign National Salvadorian His immigration status is undocumented. And I want to thank ice and the department, homeland Security in the Department of Justice and the and the FBI to ensure that any appropriate federal charges also pursued Manzano into the US illegally back in 1989, is it and has a lengthy criminal record. Harris County Prosecutors believe that there may be other victims of a former North Line elementary teacher and soccer coach accused of abusing several third graders. They are safe to come forward. Your status in this country does not matter, and we're interested in holding this offender accountable for each and every victim that he may have sexually assaulted, police say. Will Burt's Aquarius molested the Children in 2016 to 2017 while also trying to lure them with food and Pokemon cards? He faced a judge yesterday. There's a City council votes to effectively raise property taxes by more than 4%, which violates state law restricting property tax hikes to 3.5% within 8% expectation for natural disasters. Councilman Mike Knox was one of the four who voted against it. I'm going to recommend my colleagues but against the 8%, and perhaps we can refer the matter back for a reconsideration of the 3.5%. I strongly disagree on your half percent. This's a manufactured argument and is manufactured by the Legislature. New radar slightly lower, but because of increased property values, the average bill will go up by 42 bucks. I do. Quinnipiac poll shows a dead heat in Texas between President Trump and former vice President Joe Biden just a month ago, the same poll showed President Trump leading by 5% points on the new polls show the race deadlocked indicates that Trump supporters were much more likely to vote on election day off. Those who plan to vote that day. 62% say they'll support Trump just 32% say they'll support Joe Biden. Okay. TRS news. Time is now 103. There's said it has failed to advance of $500 billion stimulus package. Texas Senator John Cornyn, sounding off after the latest vote today, the city had the opportunity to pass a bill with a half a trillion dollars in additional relief workers, schools, small businesses in vaccine research, no controversial positions nothing Republican or Democrat about, But what Chuck Schumer and our Democratic colleagues do, they blocked it. In the meantime, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continue discussing a broader package that could be passed before Election Day. More trouble for ice cream maker Bluebell. Fox's Tom Graham has those details. The former president of Bluebell Cream Aries has been charged with wire fraud for allegedly trying to cover up the 2015 listeria outbreak linked to the company's ice cream. Investigators say three people in Kansas were killed, several others sickened, a Justice Department statement says. Paul Cruz is charged with six counts of wire fraud. At the time. Bluebell, Mass re called products after its ice cream was linked to 10. Listeria cases in four states. Tom Graham Fox News L S u imposing penalties on its own football program, Sports Illustrated says the school is docked itself, aid scholarships and reduce recruiting visits and evaluations. This is reportedly because of a booster payment made to a student's dad. Our next updates at 1 30 breaking information as it happens now it's time for another hour of coast to coast. Am with George Noory. I'm Eric Sharpe on NewsRadio, 7 40 Katya Rage. And if you think we're just four wheels and.

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