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Closing arguments are expected to begin in the case of an alleged scam artists who prosecutors say tried to pass herself office at German heiress testimony, wrapped up yesterday in the fraud trial of Anna Sorkin here in Manhattan. She opted not to take the stand in her own defense. Prosecutors say Sorokin swindle people and businesses out of two hundred seventy five thousand dollars so that she could live the high life in New York. Cops in California say they found the woman who abandoned bag of newborn puppies near a dumpster last week in Coachella fifty four year old Deborah sue COE. Well, could face up to seven counts of animal. Cruelty officials also found thirty eight other dogs at call wells home which were described as not in great condition. They're now at an animal shelter the puppies, by the way, or with a rescue grouping bottle fed because they're so very young Democrats are planning their next move. After the release of the Muller report. House speaker Nancy Pelosi at a conference call with Democrats urged them to focus on investigations rather than impeachment of President Trump. Correspondent Lauren FOX has targeted. The Democrats could be former White House counsel. Mcgann, former special counsel, Robert Muller and attorney general William Baugh. We heard yesterday on that call that Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the judiciary committee, basically announced he planned to subpoena. Don, Mcgann, he also wants to hear from Muller and bar. You also had people like Richard Neal talking about the fact that he's going to continue fighting for the president's tax returns, the house oversight committee Elijah Cummings arguing that he's going to move forward with his investigations into the census into the cost of prescription drugs and into security clearances at the White House how that process is working out. Any impeachment effort led by House Democrats likely fail? Republicans in the GOP controlled Senate of indicated they have no desire to remove the president from office. Russia has announced that President Putin plans to meet with North Korean leader, Kim Jong on Thursday in Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean. They say the focus will be on North Korea's nuclear program is the first one on one meeting between Putin and Kim Kim two summits with President Trump at the latest in Vietnam in February collapsed. That was because North Korea wanted more sanctions relief than the United States is willing to give for the amount of nuclear.

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