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Unless you were going to rent an airplane and fly over giants stadium with a sign that says fifteen years of lousy football we've had enough or there was the ear there have been the occasional fans that have done things like bought the billboard that says fires so and so unless you're going to do that it fans had a harder time having their say in the world we live in today aspera ada with social media there is a crowd mentality a crowd power and social media publicopinion social media justice that happens where the court of public opinion has their say emotionally on something in a way that in the past fans went to a game fans were just as angry upset pissed off whatever it is and then they went home imagine just go back to the mets and carlos beltran and leaving his bat on his shoulder for the called third strike game 7 nlcs against the cardinals now i was there that night fans left that stadium trudging out and for for years were not happy with beltran over that move but there wasn't the social media era where they could get onto social media and absolutely castigate of guy and crush him in the same way so there's a power now you look at whether you agree or disagree with what happened you look at what happened what the fans did with gregg channel in tennessee had football coach job where because of fan outrage and a lot of what went on and social media tennis university of tennessee rescinded their offer as of head coach fans do have a lot more power these days and unfortunately maybe sometimes that can be a power for good but mostly it's not mostly it is emotional and it's tough now for a guy like bella check as you say i don't think he cares that much but in this instance even knowing that jimmy garoppolo may turn out to be like transitioning from brett far too arron rogers even knowing that when you have a tom brady still playing at this level if you're bill bellichik you can't do it he's still you're playing with maybe the greatest quarterback of all time and you have a chance to win one to two more super bowls with them the eu at that level i hear what you're saying but you kind of he can't make.

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