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You're gonna sixty seconds dancer ten view or view host related questions. But there's no passing just you know it's all right wrong so this is a new skill for you. Gotta go with it. Are you ready. Okay okay go. What is one of sixteen people to receive all four major entertainment awards referred to by what africom in two thousand cracked in two thousand and nineteen. The view was deemed the most important political tv show in america by publication that holds the record for most pulitzer prizes. The near time correct join named her dog after which former presidential candidate and longest serving independent and congress cracked comedian. Michael ian black co-authored a two thousand twelve travel titled america. You sexy bitch. Which view co host correct. One of sonny's favorite hobbies agriculture refers to the maintaining of what species act the nbc page programs started the careers of philbin aubrey plaza which view co host days. You better have gotten that right correct. Due to the sandinista revolution ana navarro moved to the united states in one thousand nine hundred from what central american country correct which eighty heartthrob performer. Nra board member was the very first guest. Wow lawrence gotcha. Tom celik regattas nine right. I'm really impressed with you right now. So close closer so you don't get with the title of you trivia goat but that's right because your other goats status still holds true. It takes nothing away from that. I guess my tom selleck extraordinary. Yes yes yes it does. Listen ken jennings. Thanks for coming in hanging with us today you can catch him hosting jeopardy tonight and the chase airs thursdays at nine pm. Right here on. Abc and we of course. Well.

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