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We do not need to have nor should we nor. Should you kind of overwhelm your? Older pet or any pet with learning. Some you know, crazy sequence of events or is crazy sequence of a behavior in an evening. Let's break it down. If you're if you're at the computer or you're watching the show, you know, kind of mute the TV for two minutes. Get out the treats work on something with that pet for those two minutes. Take turns maybe mom gets it. Once the night daughter gets at once and the next night, you know, another adult and another child is going to work on we kind of work it into the the chore chart, and it's just like, you know, I can find two minutes day to brush my teeth several times a day. I can find that time. And actually, that's usually win sort of my evening routine is when we work things in for our pets. So it just kind of what makes sense for the for the family. But there is that bottom line just like most seldom pregnant stuff she gotta make a commitment to do it. But find those little bite size pieces of time to do this stuff. And look for the. Things that you can do that. Don't involve you at all. Like, those those puzzle toys that sounds like a sneaky way of doing this. Because especially after the first year, we say, okay, I'm going to go to the gym. And I'm going to do it. Six days a week. All right. Let's try for maybe twice a week and little by little increase it. Same thing with working with your pets. I love it. We're chatting right now, Dr Juliane Albright, again, she's one of sixty five only sixty five board certified veterinary behaviors in the United States. And she's also at the university of Tennessee. College of veterinary medicine, we're gonna be right back after this short break to talk.

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