Accuweather, President Trump, United States Attorney discussed on Doc Washburn


Nine i'm accuweather meteorologist bob larsen fix use michel sabbah sure effective there saying oprah winfrey is gonna run against donald trump in the next election now she probably will or could let's say she could how could she when we know demographic base will vote for her we know there's a lot of trump haters out there will vote for her but will that be enough i don't think so moreover i believe donald trump's economic miracles are going to grow over the next year's before you know before we know what it'll be the next election bus savage nation weeknights at nine following mark levin on news radio one hundred two point nine karn if you think doc washburn is wrong hammer him called 501 43 300 nine to hilary's doc washburn on news radio one out two point nine karn all right we had a caller moments ago and i said i would try to answer this as best i could he's frustrated he's upset and i understand that he said why with all these scandals going on why isn't united states attorney general jeff sessions getting more involved and i just want to put a theory out there one thing we know about donald trump is he doesn't like the tip off the enemy okay what is a possibility that jeff sessions has all kinds of investigations going on that his boss president trump doesn't really want to tip anybody all foreign until it's time for indictments.

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