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After we pulled out even after ten years of training and preparation and work fighting alqaeda the iraqi army tuck tailed and ran at the first fight with isis isis took over they just left their equipment they left their stuff because they're cowards this is one of the biggest problem there in the middle east this is crazy thing about it i have never met any more entitled more arrogant more cowardly group of men in my life and never there were people who absolutely feel entitled to to to untabled amounts of of wealth and in control their absolutely an alpha male society which is big dog rules and so everyone of them has a chip on their shoulder and his trying to muscle you around all day long and yet all of them are cowards and i've just did is if you need any evidence of that look at what happened after america left and isis decided to come down out of syria back into northern iraq they just abandoned their vehicles they drop their weapons and isis just came through and clean it all up now what the what the government says and what the media says is that oh this was because we pulled out and had we not pulled out then this would have never descended into chaos and it's bs what are we supposed to stay there forever how long are we supposed to stay in iraq how long are we supposed to continue to fund their military how long are we supposed to continue to support them at do the fighting for them.

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