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To the point where everybody was oh. Yeah. Of course, I need to go talk to an expert I. Mean you know when my when my kidneys not working right I talked to an expert why wouldn't that be the same thing for when my brain is fucking with my suspension isn't working quite random here in sounds and my car I go to the mechanic I'm feeling thoughts that I'm having difficulty dealing with A. A therapist or a counselor or psychologist There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and I think that might be a legacy of religion I know that in the some of the news things that we cover on the nonprofits is people saying that if you're not going to God with your problems, then you're worshiping Ano- Shannon cutic- video about that Thought was really fantastic about this stigma against secular therapist that is to say actual therapist that used scientifically proven methods to help with mental health issues as opposed to some kind of a a pastor who is going to turn to an ancient book that that. That has very antiquated views toward. Women and foreigners and things people like that. But no talk to somebody. I I'm not going to advocate for the use of illegal drugs. All right. Just for the record. Don't do that if it's illegal where you're at however with that said, I, have some friends who have experimented with different kinds of substances that has helped them get through some of the anxiety ridden times of their lives that helps gives them a little bit of clarity direction that helps them shoot that curl again I think it's a little dangerous to. Do it, but they found it to be very helpful and I know that the the scientific research behind that is ever increasing, and so hopefully, within the next ten years will have therapeutic uses of hallucinogens or other kinds of drugs that will help people maybe reset the chemicals in their mind help them see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to that black pit of death that we're all headed toward supplies don't watch this show just before you're gonna go to bed watching the bright in the daytime. Something Circuit My my my point is It's not it's it's more like an inconvenience not an existentialist problem might my life is is okay and I action managed to three the team, the symptom, and the voice, the voice, or simply by listening to audio books or something with Minded, preoccupied with the results of this study and I get over it and it has a lot. If you have someone who love gone and you can cuddle it, I'm just saying that system is gone and I can work around it. Easily the problem I. my question is this the of aeneas I am I fucked up boarded a be. And I understand you're answering. Thank you very much. The talk not you're you're you are as. As all of us Yep you. Question. May I have another question? I'll will allow it. Let's make it quick. 'cause we got we got some really great callers on here and What do you got okay. I ended up very quickly is. So how does funeral SORTA eight they? How funeral service foreign atheists should look like? How does it look out there? There's no, there's no. There's no answer to that. The funeral for an atheist could be whatever that atheist once it could be whatever that atheist family wants As far as I'm concerned, you can cut me up into pieces parts, give them to whoever and forget about me of if you WanNa do something have a little party and and if you know by the way if if I'm going to be expected to carry out, for example, my parents wishes with regard to religious funeral on their. Behalf, I'm going to do that because that is their wishes I'm going to respect their wishes and it's the same thing that I would want to happen for me and so I don't that there's no set atheist funeral. There's no right answer to this What you should do is write down whatever instructions and guidance you want for your thorough and make sure you get that to the people who think are going to respect it other than that. I don't know that there's anything really add. Yeah. Say You know Whatever you think would be meaningful to the people who survive right Some people want them to want themselves to be remembered in a in a very somber serious. They were important person way you know I guess honor the wishes of the deceased with it with a mind of making it Making. The survivors appreciate who this person was but again, it's it's whatever the deceased wanted and if there's no guidance, I would try to frame how important a person was in your life I hate to mention Star Trek again. But but when Tasha Yar dies at the end of season one, they have a little. She leaves a message behind a to the different people on the bridge of the Enterprise Captain Picard. You meant so much. You're like a father, a mentor data we slept together it was. Awesome in your really swayed you know Reicher your bad, ass you know whatever will convey that person's life so that we can really appreciate because you know we can. We can wish that these people continue onward after death we can wish all we want. But the fact is they had an effect upon us and we want to honor that effect so that in life it ends but are effect doesn't end it trickles out into the universe and so there's no right way to do that. Whatever seems right That make any sense you at a gourmet. Yes. If I may I I. Don't think I express myself. Correctly my question was how how was.

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