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Abled adults Suzanne was just an angel says Michael bloom and nineteen ninety eight Yale graduate, who had known Jovan since her freshman year what no one was prepared for was the shocking news that one of Yale's own James Vandevelde Jovan, 's, thirty eight year old senior essay advisor was a suspect in her killing Vandevelde was a brilliant. Well, like political science lecturer, who had previously held positions at the Pentagon, and the State Department. He was also a nineteen eighty two graduate of Yale, and a former dean of yells saybrook college in the week following the stabbing Vandevelde vehemently denied any involvement in the crime and twice wind. Be questioned by the police without bringing a lawyer, he gave the police permission to search his red Jeep Wrangler and his apartment, which was a half mile away from the crime scene. According to one of his attorneys then developed also offered to take a blood test and polygraph offers. His lawyer says the police did not act on interesting. Very interesting as the weeks were on Joe wtn's murdered became more more mysterious FBI specialists, and profiling the perpetrators of serial murders and unusual often psychologically based crimes, tried to be together portrait of the killer, doctor Henry Lee, Connecticut's public safety Commissioner and a well known for index expert who worked on the Nicole Simpson and Jon Benet Ramsey murder investigations examine the clothes that Jovan was wearing the night. She was killed the New Haven police searched the sewers around the crime scene and enlisted local treasure hunters to comb the neighborhood. With metal detectors opening to find witnesses. They set up roadblocks and interviewed scores of people, including yell students. And faculty members in March at the request of New Haven. Police chief Melvin wearing who acknowledged that the investigators had hit a dead end. Connecticut, governor John Rowland offered a fifty thousand reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Jovan killer still seven months later. No rest had been made this is profoundly unusual case. It's like the John Ramsey case of New Haven, says one observer in January police confirm that Ben developed was in a pool of suspects, although the police have never said it publicly today, it is a pool in which seems to be swimming alone. How could he have done it in why and how he could have covered a strike? So thoroughly are baffling questions that the police have so far not publicly answered it sounds like they have zero evidence zero against Jim says his attorney IRA grid Berg, who is one of Connecticut's top criminal. Lawyers, and yet, the police persist, the situation has been so extraordinary perplexing says, Richard broadhead, the dean of Yale's undergraduate college someone has been murdered. No one knows who did it months after the fact allegations have been put in motion. There's a confirmation by the police that he is a suspect. But then there's no arrest. When I think of Suzanne, I mostly remember how much fun she was says a woman who was a friend of Jovan since freshman year Suzanne laughed a lot at Naples. She'd go nuts. When we got on the dance floor. We went carrying freshman year and had so much fun. We glommed onto some crazy Christian group, and we ran around singing and somehow ended up drinking schnapps all night. It is an evening and late April right before exam week and three friends of Jovan have agreed to meet over dinner at calf ado lists. An elegant air tree in restaur-. Ront near the campus to talk about her over elaborate platters of African food. They were call how beautiful Jovan singing voice was how much she loved to go to theatre how much fun she was to laugh with. Susan was sparkly says one friend. She was cool says, another tonight, Jove's friends want to focus on happy memories of her, but they start to cry, when one of them brings out her pictures, the photographs show, beautiful young woman with deep blue slightly dreamy is an dazzling smile, Suzanne in an emerald. Green dress on the way to casino night freshman year Suzanne and Florida sophomore year in Sudan, at a dinner party, just two weeks before she was killed. She did everything in our own way, says one friend. She was different says, another Suzanne now hewa Jovan had not lived in the United States before she arrived at Yale in the fall of nineteen ninety five she was born in. As in gotten Jin, a beautiful medieval town in the western part of Germany. Her parents, Thomas, and Donna, Jovan, our American scientists, molecular and cell biologist who worked there at the Max Planck institute for biophysical chemistry, the elder of the Jovan two daughters. Suzanne grew up living in a fourteenth century castle by the time she was a teenager. She had traveled extensively throughout Europe and spent vacations and Mexico where her grandparents live, Suzanne was raised as an American in Germany, with all that, implies her father wrote, she grew up speaking English and German fluently, although German was the language. She usually spoke with her sisters, and closest friend Rebecca who is twenty educated in the rigorous German school system. Suzanne began to study Latin in the fifth grade, and French in the seventh, she played the piano and the cello. In high school at the theater Hughes, chimneys Eum. She took a double major biology and chemistry passing her exams with top marks and press accounts after her murder Jovan was described in ways that major seem very serious, even dull, but she was not that at all. She was really lively says, Rebecca Jovan in high school. She sang with several rock bands. She was full of exciting. Contradictions says her friend David Bach, a Yale graduate, who is from Germany. She was extremely serious academically, but also just a great person a half fun with and hang out with she was very traditional stylish and Finnan, but then also very rebellious and liberal, it was always assumed that Jovan would go to college in the United States. Her mother had gotten her PHD from Yale and Ellen and Diana Jovan, her older half sisters from her. Father's first marriage with whom she was close graduated. From Harvard today. Suzanne's grief-stricken parents say they deeply regret having encouraged her to go to the university. But Suzanne loved Gail from the moment she arrived, she immediately got involved in volunteer, work, something, her mother had done when she was at Yale and had urged her daughter to do. Although she started out intending to major in one of the sciences. She switched to a double major political science international studies after doing poorly in an advanced course and cell biology Suzanne and I both decided to take graduate level cell bio class freshman, year, a friend remembers, laughing we were both from Europe and thought we could do it cell bio, that was the only time I saw her not competent. I think Suzanne held herself to very high standards, partly because her parents were both these brilliant. Scientists says another friend at the time of her death Jovan was considering a career in the. Diplomatic service, and was finishing applications to graduate schools in the field, including her parents, say tufts Columbia and Georgetown. She wasn't interested in making money. She hadn't been raised that way. Her family says she always came down to, you know, helping people and being influential as more important says Bach in their early reports of Joe wtn's murder, newspapers and television stations. Use the same photograph of her. It may Jovan appear fragile delegate Spero of a woman. Her friends were taken aback by the picture. It didn't look anything like Susan really was one recalls to begin with friends insist that Jovan who was five feet, five inches and weighed one hundred twenty five pounds was physically quite strong. She jogged playing squash skied and sometimes to step aerobics classes at Yale's Payne Whitney gym, whoever killed her. Her friends say, was very strong or says one. Someone who knew what they were doing nor was Jovan as shy and hesitant as the photograph made her seem strong, willed isn't the word says a friend if.

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