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Pilots to see instrument readings without having to look down at the dashboard were installed on eight hundred planes including the seven thirty seven Max which have been grounded since two fatal crashes in two thousand eighteen and two thousand nineteen Boeing was as a dispute is a documentation issue and not a safety related matter has thirty days to respond or pay the fine ET on ABC news one oh three traffic and weather together the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes what's the latest Jack the latest is a crash on four ninety five Suzanne on this report is sponsored by I'm bound to dot org northbound on that roadway in the Hopkinton area we do have a little bit of a rollover crash causing a short delay through there just watch out for Dolby some debris in the road once it's cleared up should be gone before long traveling otherwise on route ninety five from Wall Pam up to Peabody you're doing pretty well down to the south routes twenty four and three and no major issues we continue to see work on the expressway northbound and southbound right around furnace brook parkway not causing any specific delay right now in downtown we're doing well right now there are young people across the world facing tough choices continue their dreams of education or drop out to to help their families put food on the table you can help change their futures in a single moment see how far your support can go at unbound dot org I'm jacquard WBZ twenty four hour traffic network and now the four day WBZ accu weather forecast nothing more than a few clouds this morning down the thirty for a low them plenty of sunshine later on today with a nice and warmer afternoon high fifty.

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