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When i took over about forty two percent of the non about forty two percent of the points but into the program when i retired ninety four percent would bet their life on the company that's what you want you want engagement you want them involve you want the billing part of a mission with a purpose that's what it's is all about i'm curious i know you've played sports as a kid you were pretty good sports teams it turns out along with the military are some of the few units in our society that are really good at creating bonds across all boundaries race you name it i agree i agree totally and i'm curious weather you used that kind of thinking what i'm curious whether you know look a lot of kids are into sports but i'm curious whether any of your experiences as a kid in sport you imported into the way you thought about managing and building team 'cause you know look we know it's a cliche now to say it's a team teamwork etcetera etcetera etcetera but a sports team is a real thing and operates differently than most hierarchies and i'm curious to know how much of that you a you brought in well let's start with different she asian i wear in different nation when i was eleven years old playground throw the bat up you put your hand one over the other and the person the top sobat has the first batch and i was eleven and the other guys were fifteen and sixteen and i was playing playground in a in a modest area to say the least and what happens to the worst player he pits last andy field.

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