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Cuba before moving into the Gulf of Mexico and taking aim at Florida as a tropical storm early next week. In Surfside. There's concern this system may affect the stability of the collapsed condominium building and could hamper search efforts. Debbie Elliott NPR News European Union is considering legal action against Poland for violating LGBT rights. Bob Smith's has more Poland's ruling Nationalist Party has made anti gay policies a part of its governing platform. In March, it banned same sex couples from adopting Children. While more than 100, Polish towns have declared themselves LGBT free zones. European Union officials say they are considering legal action, which would challenge Poland to eliminate the zone. NPR's Rob Smith's Nation's trade deficit. The difference between what U. S companies send overseas in foreign firms ship the U. S Shores widened in May. Commerce Department announcing today the trade deficit was up 3.1% from April's figure to $71.2 billion. Government says the rise in exports was offset by an even bigger increase in imports. Stocks gained ground on Wall Street. Today the Dow was up 152 points to 7 34,086, the NASDAQ Rose 116 points. You're listening to NPR. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, says air filters can work to reduce exposure to airborne particles carrying the coronavirus and indoor environments. Remember Station W. A. B in Atlanta, Sam Whitehead has more in a new report from the agency. Looking at the effectiveness of air filters. In a simulated setting for the report, CDC researchers simulated a conference room with four people. One of whom had covid 19. They found the presence of tube portable high efficiency particular air or Pepe filters that met standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Reduced exposure to simulated airborne particles by 65% exposure was reduced by up to 90% when all participants were masked, researchers say. Portable HEPA filters can serve as an easy way to increase filtration of airborne particles in a room without modifying existing ventilation systems. The filters.

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