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Anywhere on iheartradio. A Grammy nominated rapper is shot dead. I'm an charac, Fox News. Madam Ma breath last thirty three year old rapper. Nipsy hustle was shot and killed in Los Angeles outside his own clothing store. The marathon clothing a woman who claims to be a childhood friend says he was very giving a pre show for people. He was given. Hiring people. Hustle was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other men also were wounded in that shooting hustle tweeting shortly before his death, having strong enemies is a blessing. A candlelight vigil was held Sunday night at the university of South Carolina to remember Samantha Josephson murdered after getting into a car. She thought was her Uber ride early Friday morning one professor praised Josephson for her intelligence and her heart for family and friends the memory of Samantha's brilliance. Her smile are infectious energy have friends tell me that she lit up the room when she walked in have passion for her studies. The love she had for her family and the love she had for her friends. The driver of that mistake in car Nathaniel Roland is under arrest charged with murder Democrats want the full Mullah report on the Russian investigation by Tuesday. And they're willing to use subpoenas. If needed acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, tells ABC's this week why exoneration was. Not addressed in the report that is not what these documents do when you do an investigation like this. There's typically two outcomes. Either criminal indictments come down or just quietly goes away these types of investigations are not designed to exonerate people. The report also draws no conclusion about President Trump committed a crime, the president has claimed full exoneration. This is Fox News..

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