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Get a dui this is how lazy i was i lived in hollywood hills and i was very low in the hill so i remember where you walk up the hill you basically look to the ladder sordid and arod my house yeah so i could theoretically steve sit on a skateboard just ghost write it down the hill an end up in a pink dot i mean that's how close it wasn't my house i would start the delivers all right they're rare yeah no i you know that my best friend don harris lived on that exact same street i later found out ohno kid like two doors clip two houses closer to sunset okay so here's an interesting thing about that neighborhood all at the same time and and none of these people had made it huge yet right but these are my neighbors when i lived in that street cap cape directly next door to me um was actually across the street from who's brad garrett from everybody levels are aiming was erd on everybody ages started i started gathering aso he was said in the gate right across from me was john fabbro before iron man and before or he started direct and the right move yeah he that's when i heard the actor from swingers right all right next to him was mike white you know who who's in school the rock and roll over ira yeah and directly next door news ridley scott who is the one person that will he made it unlikely lanes but that was the weirdest neighborhood like everybody with some type in in the business in some way shape or form an llc you know everyone's out you're the fifth most famous person on your strong not even make others getting peter rickel from days of our lives at lived on my street there was i think you're bigger than peter rickel no no only only middleaged women in the middle of the affairs is going to tell you will retain the leases mom without sidewalk dogged she goes oh my god when i was in that celebrity race with josh morrogh my mom and my and linda were strolled through the that was by far the biggest star there because they knew josh morrogh for mom downplayed innocent he i've played in a couple of charity rents gyrated ice guy i'm all i'm the second most famous person on my street whose number one.

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