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These things are harder to measure, but far more valuable, so that's my. Advice to anyone who's looking to green whatever they can or get into the business. I think it's Bissett vices as applied to so many walks and sides of life really. But the fact is that this financial aspect is literally the only button for example which push in my professional life. You will save this much and look how much populated you will save over these few time and that works, but when you say hey, you will retain the talent pay. Seventy percent of rob young generation were now entering the workforce looking to the reputation of the brand label. They will never come work for you. You know that's what you're doing when you're not invested in inability be. Big Rebuilding Story. But. Yeah I think it's a two pronged approach. One is they are increasingly very good. Reputable studies that are quantifying this value, so look to those and get those numbers. The other is just stories I also certified businesses to a proprietary green business certification for my county. And early on probably twenty, fourteen I was talking to an accounting firm. The did a wonderful job. Account are great dirt doing certifications and I said why as an accounting firm. Was this important for you, and she said Oh because we've measured it their cows. and. It has absolutely helped us to attract and retain talent. said that was their value proposition, not the money. They say the talent. It doesn't surprise me that they accountants are the information keepers visa. The ones that is you know deal with money they measure invade no all the bills or water electricity. Salaries on everything, these other go-to people when I'm. Mental and social assistance of the enterprise.

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