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You familiar with what's that you're not allowed as the kicking team to you have to start at the thirty five so so you don't you can't get that five yard running start which is significant five yards to go athlete and you're running a four five down the field that's a big from zero to sixty in five yards i mean listen i'm not what is that even physics how long it would take you to get to the to the same distance russ massey physics something somebody could do that but anyway but then again you're not allowed the block them for the first i think what is it the first fifteen yards anyway it all amounts to this i think that i've outcome gonna be told me i think it's seems fairly clear that the team the receiving team is standardly gonna move up by five to fifteen yards it'll be interesting to see how that plays out it's only in fact move what do you mean my move up move up from their normal starting okay i think it's now encouraging tons yeah i think without collision without being collision yes the severity of the collisions is owed to that really any equivalent to that full on speed and making you know making head to head contact but i think that these guys i forget what the average starting position is for on kickoffs let's say it's the twenty five i bet you it's like the thirty five or forty they're going to be more kicks returned for touchdowns i think average starting position i think if you have a good kick returner i think you're going to be outed the forty forty five standardly start drives this is going to jack scoring it's only a one year rule which i actually asked river on that after the fact is is that why one year route because they don't know how it's gonna play out i think it is going to boost score significantly so if you like those those pinball kind of scores i think your store for more of that if you enjoyed super bowl fifty two so who benefits a really speedy kick return i really would be the kit we're trying to catch it and take it to the edge quickly yeah i do and i almost i really did think and i.

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