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To go wine tasting a touring two napper's nomo valley today this one's obvious cancel the roads need to be clear for residents were evacuating and for first responders our own kim mcallister is in petaluma kim first all give me again overview of what's going on well we are safe in petaluma i'll tell you that but the sky is orange their sun looks like a red ball in the sky it's smoky it at about soon the morning we woke up thinking some something nearby was on fire and of course it was smoke from the fire saw in in santa rosa so really smoke either ask falling some people's cars covered in ash about six thirty this morning i got an alert from petaluma city schools that uh the school district heart had closed down the schools because of the smoke and also a lot of teachers and principals live in santa rosa and in affected areas and there is just not enough staff to cover for them so the schools in petaluma are closed today they're setting up evacuation centres all over the city of petaluma the fairgrounds the community center now multiple churches are opening because some evacuation centers are already at capacity not casagrande high school just opened as an evacuation center and now people are being asked to break food and water and blankets and supplies for all these evacuation center so really the community is mobilizing at this point to try and help him out of the residence actually getting informed about evacuations and routes that they can take shelter locations things like that it's really is a smorgasbord of information we understand some of our radio stations in in santa rosa have an effective i power outages and may not be on the air most people are going to facebook are going online are going to the press democrat website next though is sending out alerts to local police stations are sending out alerts for for different areas so and then it's word of mouth them facebook has a pedal lim of families page.

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