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Very nice to have you with us. Ben Ferguson, filling in for the great one Marco van. He will be back with you next week can't hurricane. Foreign high is have a really big impact on the east coast. We're going to get you another live update from the ground from one of our affiliates. WBZ t- in Charlotte. They're going to talk with us coming up in about twenty five minutes. We'll have them there. What we're seeing? Now is unfortunately, five confirmed casualties at deaths as foreign keeps battering the Carolinas to those people were a mother in an infant shower when a tree fell through their house killing them. We so sad to see this. But also showing courage to see how many Americans are joining together, including the Cajun army who are out there helping save people's lives as we're seeing the same type of flooding that we saw with hurricane Harvey. Down in Houston last year. A lot of people are coming together in these communities and people were coming in from other states to help people in these communities and get them out of these areas where they need so much help. I say all that to also deal with the reality of what's going on politically today as a storms hitting Democrats decided at the where the leader Nancy Pelosi onstage to blame Donald Trump for post. Hurricane Maria suicides in Puerto Rico. Democratic Representative from New York directly blame Donald Trump for what she said was a spike in suicides across Puerto Rico after. They're terrible response from this administration of all the press conferences that Sheila jackson-lee and democ other Democrats could have had today they could add a press conference telling people what they need to do and how they could make things better and everything else. I mean, they they could have done that. They actually have done that. They didn't. They could've given out numbers of places where people send money and get involved in support with operations a feed those that may be you know, got away for now. So they didn't do that. Instead. They decide to have a press conference to start the narrative that anything bad that happens because of hurricane Florence is actually the fault of Donald Trump. And the away to you start. That narrative is start saying that people died in Puerto Rico because of Donald Trump and to double down on that on the day when this hurricanes hitting the RT get that in people's minds. So when they do see something bad that happens, then immediately they will say well now, we know who to blame. It's Donald Trump. Here's part of what they said this press conference today this press conference happen today. We know now that this conditions resulted in almost three thousand loss of our fellow citizens. Whether it was from dialysis machines, a medical care not functioning a loss of air conditioning in extreme heat or recite rate spiking due to this despair. These death toll can be attributed to Maria and the administration's response today that we are watching. Another enormous. Hurricane lands on American soil. And so the fact that we have been affirmed and reaffirmed at three thousand plus. Died and has I've seen congressman Velazquez cry. Because people in Puerto Rico or committing suicide then I think what we're here today is to give solutions to plead for the money, and to demand that the ministration stand up to its responsibilities realizing that the greatest job that they have been the American people are in war. The American people are in disaster. The administration needs to do its job. I mean, it's incredible. That on this Friday when this storms hitting the two narratives that are being pushed today instead of helping the people in the pathway. The storm is one we're going to go after cavenaugh by saying thing happened in high school. Even though apparently the FBI is not interested in Feinstein's cavenaugh letter. The FBI will not be investigating Senator Dianne Feinstein's last second attempt to smear supreme court nominee Brett cabin. Are. We found that out. That's after noon. But don't worry. They'll push that narrative, and the other is well just know that if anything bad happens with hurricane foreign, it's really Donald Trump's fault. Because it's his fault that people died in Puerto Rico, not local elected officials, not handing out the water. The federal government sent down. They're not the clear what we found out was corruption the federal government down there with even how they were paying and high jacking the rates up and getting kickbacks on those who were supposed to restore power. How much of the goods and services in the money that we sent down there disappeared. Where's the New York Times doing an article on that? They won't do it. Because it doesn't hurt. Donald trump. I wanna get to your phone calls one eight hundred or I should say one eight seven seven. Three eight one thirty eight eleven one eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight eleven and see what you think about all of this. Let me go. To Mary, Mary you are from Puerto Rico. You hear them try to push this narrative today that these people that commit suicide, it's really Trump's fault. It's the administration's fault year from Puerto Rico, give me your reaction. I I don't even know where to start to be honest with you. Let let me start from the beginning. I I was at democrat up until recently I voted for Hillary. Unfortunately, I have a democrat might tire life. And this situation has really opened my eyes my Puerto Rico. My friend works for the power light. That was sent there to help restore electricity. Puerto Rico has. Open my eyes to what happened in Puerto Rico where my farm from what I can tell you. It's a local government instead of restoring electricity. I in the hospital clinics. They didn't they actually decided to restore hospital to restore electricity and supermarkets and. Shopping mall because for them. It was better for Puerto Ricans to go spend whatever money they had by clo- instead of saving their lives in the hospital, which is the main hospital central maybe that hospital they didn't have electricity until like maybe seven days later, while the shopping mall, the main shopping mall in line. 'electricity three days later. So you tell me what does some has to do with that nothing. Well, and we also found out about kickbacks that were coming back to local elected officials when they were working to help businesses. Get in business to take advantage of people's desperation because their basic services were deliberately not being turned back on life was not getting back to normal because when you have to spend more money, right when you are desperate for basic necessities. Well, you know, I know that there were a policy held at the at the port. Ships that were standing at the poor waiting to be delivered on the mayor and the governor of Puerto Rico didn't do anything about it. They were just looking excuses that the roads where undrivable or that the roads way possible. But you know, what she is the governor put more than anybody else. The mayor knows Puerto Rico more than anybody else to be honest with you Trump has Trump. I, you know, something now that I remember Trump went to Puerto Rico on when he had the press conference. Remember that he was sitting next to mayor. I forgot he I can't remember some of the local elected officials refused to sit and work with Trump. Well, I know that I remember seeing a press conference where the mayor set President Trump in Puerto Rico. President Trump asked them how many so far he said sixteen bay you're set sixteen. I'm Ben Trump's said really sixteen. Wow, that's impressive ninety breath. Because you know, he was happy to seventy or sixty people die, but impressive just such a major storm. How only caught sixteen death the bay or a photo Rico said to him sixteen I understand that it was too. So I understand it was too. So for me, maybe for the mayor to speak about the total death. But you know, what you three thousand people die there as the mayor of the governor's fault. Because I know that Trump the impossible. We all saw. I mean, the Dherinia. Democrats me. So we are debt that we're stupider. We don't we didn't watch the news. We watch the news. I watch the news. This is why I'm voting for them any more. I I I don't even know how to express my feelings. I doubt it. I can't believe that I've been all my life lied about this how liars if they are. It's it's incredible. I don't know what else to. Please help me out here. Well, let me say this. I'm glad that you figured it out. And I mean that sincerely because you got to see it first hand and people are not writing these articles about the corruption which Mary is is a big part of the problem. And again, this is why today you have Democrats holding a press conference on the day that this hurricane foreign sitting saying that Donald Trump is responsible for suicides in Puerto Rico. So that that will be the story that will be in peds. So if anything bad happens with the storm, they can immediately blame it on. Donald trump. Lisa. You are on the Mark Levin show. Ben Ferguson, filling in tonight, highly go ahead. Why are you doing? Well. Thank you, sir. Great to talk to you. Give me your take on this. I take on that, Saddam. First of all I'd like to say that I am embarrassed by Bill from Pennsylvania because I'm from Pennsylvania. I'm originally a New Yorker as you here, but I've been living here for twenty years. Somebody comes from this in this state, what such eight inch was mind blowing. I really think that people need to put the blame where it lies and they're accusing Trump of being political. What about the mayor and the governor that would make it feel with the truckers that were on strike in order to move those products to get it to the people that wasn't political. It's certainly watch. What about FEMA coming out and saying? Did not attend FEMA meetings because they had no intention of delivering that stuff. To the people. So they were they were making it political. But is that story in the media? You never era. Also, I remember a radio station where on a government official call the non emotionally from Puerto Rico to tell the truth that the corruption. That they would move the stuff to get it to the people. And then they have the nerve to blame this president. It's unbelievable. And I'm disgusted by. This is an and you look at all of that water that is sitting down there on that tarmac waiting and the elected officials didn't hand it out, and they still want to blame Donald Trump for that. Donald Trump's job is to get you the resources the local ex-officials officials job to hand out those resources in the most appropriate manner, and they just let the water sit there and rot. That's right now, what about that that made a nasty shock. No that one that was in the middle of all of while people while she was claiming that people are suffering in dire dying. She had time to make a custom T shirt blaming Donald Trump. What about her pictures that came out of her hanging out with? Oh, that's no coincidence. Right there. I think what the setup are. I think that Gutierez that they set up their own people of Puerto Rico to suffer with that storm. So that they could blame the president for it. I think what the political setup I think it was a hit job. Well, they certainly wanted to make sure that the president suffered with the bad news. We appreciate the phone. Call one eight seven seven three eight one thirty eight eleven we'll have more on this news of the Democrats again now claiming in a press conference today that Donald Trump's responsible for all suicides in Puerto Rico because the storm that's his fault. Then Ferguson filling in for the great one. We'll be right back. talks today. I'm here to talk about congress. No, not about the upcoming elections. Those are very important. Now, I'm here to talk about hillsdale's groundbreaking new online course, congress how it used to work and why it doesn't and that title right there sums up why you really should take. 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