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Near normal park so fans could take these newfangled automobiles drive to the game and he also tried to get as best he could Coverage in the media and O'Brien also would be kind of like a salesman he would say. The cardinals played down. In Moline and overnight rock island. He would go there the week before and try and drum business from the local fans and of course the writing that time was extraordinary. We'd hear about the giants Ryan Chicago cardinals coming to lean with several all Americans on the team and we're a little moline doesn't have a chance. But they would build up these versions Asians and stories of the all Americans when it came to Chicago. The cardinals just seemed draw. What normal park on the south? They didn't have a large seating capacity even when they moved to Comiskey Park. They didn't have much luck in filling that place Again when he helps a lot. The cardinals won the championship in nineteen twenty five but then unfortunately was the same time. Red Grange game in the League and so the bears were off filling stadiums around the country and the poor cardinals are trying to get a couple of thousand housing to watch them play Comiskey Park so that was kind of interesting about how the cardinals did try and survive in the thirties. This was after. O'Brien sold sold the team. They actually played their games from nineteen thirty one to nineteen thirty nine at Wrigley Field which left the cardinals at kind of the bottom of the ladder in terms of you've of preferred game days the cubs of course if they had a good season might be playing late into October The bears would have their first choice. Waste because that was their home field and so then the cardinals are Wrigley. Field would have. Maybe they're opening home game in November. I think Vince Bananas A great I because all the guards for the cardinals one said the team tried to move to Wrigley Field where they had all the rich people and we had the when he called the have nuts on the sell all side probably not fair for us to describe it that way but it seemed to be true because the fans of the cardinals would not go north to watch the cardinals plane Wrigley Field. Of course the bears wanted fans wanted nothing to do a sing another team playing and Wrigley Field so that did not last and the cardinals moved back for nineteen forty into Comiskey Park. So lots to unpack there so on that one. That was the Bidwell family when they bought the team in thirty three that they decided that they were gonna try to kind of go upmarket if you will and find out where the where where the money was but that's odd because the city of such a large geography. Hindsight is twenty twenty now right but you know to be the third tenant pennant in you know in arguably a baseball park right. The number two football team let alone not have with another stadium just on the south side I just basically sitting waiting for a winter. Tenant sure yeah and they Just never worked for him but I I guess it was an idea actually. They started a year before. Did well got involved and He kept up with it but the owner. Dr David Jones. He was the city physician for the city of Komo. A Chicago promise that he would bring a winning team to the sell side and made a lot of changes. One of the biggest was bringing. Ernie Nevers I the hall of Famer in to play for the cardinals later coach for the cardinals. He had the first out of town training. Camp and cold water Michigan really pumped up the the team but When attendance was still not very strong He was the one who had the first season up in Wrigley Field. I'm not sure if they signed signed a contract for several years but bidwill certainly had the opportunity to move the team back but but kept them up north and maybe it was because he had a fondness for the beers. There's kind of working for health at one time being a partner with hell listen they pro basketball team to Chicago Bruins Of course this was going on before and during his time as owner of the cardinals but who knows The attendance wise is certainly didn't work all right so before we move onto the ownership changes and and you mentioned that it's important that we go over sort of how it got to the big welfare because it didn't go directly to them as you just mentioned in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty five is an asterisk for sure in NFL. Football history. History right and and I believe I've mistaken the cardinals. I guess almost retroactively claim nineteen twenty. Five is there I ever. Nfl Championship hip. But it wasn't that simple nor maybe even at the time acknowledged as such as a championship team was it yes twenty five was preps the the if not today. It's still is one of the most controversial seasons that was ever played in the NFL and nineteen twenty four. There was a a similar. I'm were thing where a couple of teams claim the title and the owners and their minutes which are available to pro football hall of fame. Put Down certain rules and the rules claim claim that you could schedule any number of games you want it to until a certain day. Let's just say December first December seven. And if you wanted I want to you can keep playing games The cardinals in nineteen twenty five were neck and neck with the Pottsville maroons from Pennsylvania and ahead. What a lot of the newspapers called the championship? Game between the two teams at the end the season Pottsville won that game so they edged ahead of the cardinals and the standings and this is the same time. Now that we're hearing rumblings about Red Green joining the bears and coming to the the NFL So some trains are saying perhaps the cardinals or the maroons. We're trying to finagle a game with red grange and host them and and get the full crowd Some correspondence that indicates that but basically crystal Brian the owner of the cardinals. He really wanted to win the championship. So which which was legal. He scheduled to more games in nineteen twenty five before the deadline was against the a ham and team and one was against the Milwaukee he badgers he won both games. So that's the first part of the story that adds the cardinals ahead of Pottsville by Gamer. So the same time Pottsville. I still wanted to play Much all stars from Notre Dame up in the Philadelphia area. And here's a lot. It gets a little more controversial. Is that the league supposedly told possible. They could not play in Philadelphia because of territorial rights. They wanted to play the game. Anyway and We're then summarily. This is because they were trying to make some the the early part of the NFL. This was also part of sort of revenue generation. Right there was an exhibition. Asa Asa in and around the right accorded regular season right so they would have been okay to play this game anywhere else but they decided to play where they were told not I too. So that's the controversy that that Followers the pottsville claim that they should have won the championship. They shouldn't have been kicked out of the League and that the cardinals all scheduled these two games illegally but it was legal ethical. I'm not so sure But the cardinals then because apostles kicked out were Lee said was awarded the championship to the cardinals. They never claimed it. There was no trophy at the time. And then the story got even a little crazier because when they put the cardinals played the team from Milwaukee Milwaukee came to town. They didn't have enough players so one of the cardinals players. Here's phone some additional professionals who turned out to before high school kids from Englewood High School. So the cardinals then were Brought to the carpet Chris. O'Brien Brian was fined and again what was said at that time. with the cardinals have to give up the championship. They never they never were the excuse that the championship never was taken away from the cardinals so there's still recognize the twenty five champions even though maybe outwardly. They never accepted that until later on when the the bidwill family became involved. So if you're from Pottsville you probably have a good claim that something must have been a mess if your car to stand you. Probably the and rightly so say we. We just schedule another couple of games. Either way it's very controversy on. It's funny even to this day. Still you bring that up among people who do research and there's a a good argument going on as to who is actually nineteen twenty five champion the personal. Brian was certainly looking forward to winning the championship and perhaps scheduling a game or two with the Chicago bears against well. Okay so I guess it's important right because you mentioned in hinted at that. The team was the O'Brien sold the team to to Dr David Jones in Nineteen Twenty nine very interesting year on a writ large basis in this country and frankly the globe then by thirty two was then purchased by a gentleman by the name of Charles. Charles Bidwell will probably want to get into because the bidwell family from from this point on obviously becomes synonymous with the cardinals franchise for the rest of its of its life instill but I. It's interesting that AH AH based on what I've read and you can correct me if I'm wrong. It was only after bidwell became owner of the team that this sort of nineteen twenty five asterisks championship became an issue and were a pursuit of his. To somehow at least lay claim to as their history he went off. Yes and and I think that's accurate The history of it is a little fuzzy as to when and if and why. The cardinals claimed the championship. unshipped that the league basically gave to them and early nineteen twenty six. I shouldn't say gave but recognize the cardinals because they had the better record under the rules at the time and of course today we can't go back and change that type of history or this. We can question the decisions but we can't go back and change it but it does seem around that time that you would see the cardinals claiming that they were champions in nineteen twenty five and some of the programs and other material that went out came and.

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