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The incident happened is unclear what medical emergency occurred, but Rolling Stone has learned that the incident was not life threatening. Mayor lightfoot is reacting to yesterday's shooting deaths of two teenagers outside Benito Morris high school. The mayor wrote on Facebook today that she's beyond outraged by this incident, which she says highlights the pressing need for illegal guns to be taken off the streets. Negotiations at a United Nations conference have yet to resolve how to protect biodiversity and provide funding to poor countries as talks reach their final stages. It's 5 46 and with sports, Dave kerner. All right, baseball news first, and it looks like the cubs have their shortstop for 2023 and beyond, at least from the free agent market dansby Swanson has agreed to a 7 year $177 million deal. He leaves the Atlanta Braves in the process where he was a nationally gold glove winner and an all star with them last season. Swanson a former number one overall pick of the Diamondbacks back in 2015 traded to the braves, also won a World Series ring there. Big news in the NFL today, the Minnesota Vikings, with the biggest comeback in league history. They trailed Indianapolis 33 nothing at the half hosting the colts and they beat them 39 36 in overtime Greg Joseph hit a 40 yard field goal with two seconds left in the OT, Kirk Cousins through four touchdown passes to four different receivers in the second half, his 64 yarder to Dalvin cook plus a two point conversion tied

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