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It's fascinating that I felt like they try to say digs eggs at us about like farage certain things on the show and it's like we've been together for almost thirteen years. We have been through Multiple Reality T._v.. T._V. shows and you're being weird about us like we're not trying to say anything about your relationship so I felt like there. Was this really weird underlying you're lying thing that everyone had talked about on this hill season. That's not being aired really about their wedding and their marriage and it was like very much out there could be coming up. You know those scenes in different places and schedules so you could becoming up. We don't soon to be tune in because it's definitely I feel like there is footage of everything yeah. I Sadhana sizzle Reel Super Dis <hes> shadow the daily mail has the screen shots. I sent a few people about Caitlin saying you're telling me we have an open marriage was. She confused 'cause he. She was I what you're telling. People were married. I'm not that I'm rethinking that whole caption on Daily Mail <hes> that could have been shocker. Yeah I think the problem is brody was very open about their open marriage and there weren't married according to T._M._Z. dot com honey relationship you know and he did like interviews about it and was very open about it in public and I don't think she she really was so that must be challenging and you know reality T._v.. Is Hard and I don't wish that on any relationship I think all relationships are hard and you always want the best and you know sometimes the best is not being without person so for them if that's what's best for them than I think that's a you know I fully support that helped they both find true happiness and love or whatever they're looking for but it is curious how how long they have any other because it was kind of weird like they're very secretive on camera about their relationship not really off camera but I'm just blown away I now I wanNA know if she has a boyfriend like what part of the season did they break up and who wear this guy come from that bass. was she really like if that's true and you know what we're GonNa read. I'm pretty sure people magazine is that <hes> it seemed like they were fighting a lot like I don't feel like there is a lot of underground things going on like at the you know. I don't know we'll see on the show on M._T._v.. Hills Beginnings Car for what he did sleeping. I did sleep sleep in a car. That's I wish them both the best and I hope they both are returning to oh my gosh season to Kaitlin her new boyfriend brody single without having to say he doesn't drink out Tuesday's see that makes me think they were together at that time because single brody brody would have never said I'm not drinking the pool party or they were just fighting so crazy that it wasn't worth it to him at that point because he did say like Caitlin told me not to so who knows what's really going on in a relationship except the two people and it but who knows <hes> it is just interesting interesting. I didn't really see that coming though I kinda thought they had like extreme up and downs and I didn't know it would end like that but who knows maybe in a future though get back together. My Crystal Ball says that's I mean they only were allegedly fake married for one year. PER MAGAZINE DOT Com so the headline is brody. Ridiculing Carter Split One year after wedding. We're never legally married so just did interview and Brody's like Oh. The show made a stronger than ever in this not like so that was just like a lie that interviews from the beginning of the season a lot's happened in six episodes. This is is I mind blown but are yeah I definitely I'm not surprised I felt like I've kept saying this season. Yeah I know comes off like he's just not parting what it felt like is. This just isn't the brody that I didn't like. I think season two we're GONNA get to see real brody and the show so is GonNa be fricking incredible..

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