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For safety and arranged fight just off campus went haywire when shots rang out from a departing car the two shooting victims managed to get back onto the campus says sheriff's deputies and emergency personnel rushed to the scene they had a head start on knowing where everything was because the school had been mapped with four plants pictures of every hallway in room emergency phone numbers of staff all contained on one site called rapid response that's how i got notified of the shooting capacity was through this app david core runs the school safety support program administered by the washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs text message that tells me shooting we jump in and everybody can communicate with what's going on not only does the site have all the information needed it also is a one stop location where everyone can communicate from inside and outside the school and they hit post on that and that winds up bringing it right up to the law enforcement so they can communicate back and forth in that lockdown situation it's a system that's been building for the last fifteen years ever since it was approved by the legislature today all public schools community colleges and some universities are mapped twenty five hundred schools so the timing is good in all this bad news about school safety and school shootings the good news is this state in many ways has made the investment to get a little bit ahead of this issue and it's not just for emergency situations like shootings it's also designed to collect information on incidents like bullying also threats made against the school and just simple incidents that they wanna keep track of that helps them get ahead of the game of potentially head off any kind of violent actions grant house in highschool keith eldridge komo news seattle fire see a woman set her own apartment on fire this morning firefighters were called out to a suspicious fire just before nine thirty on denny wary near broadway the apartment was damaged in the woman has been taken into custody this point it's unclear if she was arrested or taken to a hospital for evaluation komo news time is nine thirty nine right now in.

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