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As a sports figure well tribute as a football player this guy was one of the best to ever play in this town you can't discount all say this again two one five five nineteen ninety four ninety four million last fifty years went talk about compelling probably next obverse and Barkley and doc I mean you can make the case COS the the as compelling an athlete we have in town you know in a long long there's no doubt about that but here's the deal to get two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four if you think Terrel Owens as we all sizes up to the top twenty Philly athlete last fifty years if there simply is no spectacular season spectacular player individual season team success is incredible but way too short a span of time only year and a half that's right here's the thing man and I bought a year and a half we can't discount that way too short but here's the other thing many people don't focus on this on the on off anymore major marks against him first single handedly wrecking the two thousand and five eagles and in many ways that error of eagles football like I let John I would even have terrible was the top thirty I don't know if I am the top forty he just what you're always itching him John he drove the negative his choice not an allergies the positive hit I did not I was appalled I just said incredible season for his actions saying it it doesn't count for anything I'm telling you is because the negative out ways it doesn't make him a top twenty after the last fifty years in Philly sports his actions in two thousand and five single handedly destroyed not only this season but in many ways an era of eagles football they never touch that level of greatness again and they could have and should have had he not done all the not since he did well two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four to weigh in on where you stand on terror allowance that you think is a top twenty happen last fifty years of Philly sports just let me let me just say this because we focus a couple days ago on my top ten Philly athletes they going to give you a taste of the backend of the top twenty eleven through twenty just to give you a feel all of where I'm at and so everyone in making their evaluation of whether you have to go in the top twenty can understand the condenser talking about here from eleven to twenty have your member ID one to ten the other day I forgot Joe Frazier and forgot but not Hopkins to be clear I put both of them into the top ten list fifty years ago to Broad Street Philly sports which means and here here we go this is my eleven through twenty eleven Charles Barkley it's incredible Barclays at a top ten I got about top ten twelve Allen Iverson thirteen Brian Dawkins not to this point I have all the favors fourteen bill barber still all favors obviously when the great players player of all time seventies all favorable deal fifteen I looked up the facts and figures last night I was incredibly impressed obviously I know less about her in some these other athletes fifteen Carli Lloyd unbelievable success sixteen chase Utley first not all favor if you will I mean Carli Lloyd I'm sure Sunday will be a member of a future hall of fame we absolutely well I don't think so but we'll see all right seventeen so yes this is the first non hall of fame right seventeen Roy Halladay I didn't think I was going there and I said I'm going with holidays over Hamels and over showing eighteen Jimmy Rollins I got a lot of really recent guys here in this grouping eighteen Jimmy Rollins nineteen Smarty Jones hopeful Smarty Jones Smarty Jones listen you win the Kentucky Derby you win the Preakness you come with the whole way with all actually address you come within a horse's head of winning the Triple Crown come on man this is your horses had won the Triple Crown you made a horse your worst self worse former nineteen nineteen Smarty Jones never get back okay a lot actually fortunately as with their own kind of made you just started out you're you're bashing Terrel Long Island right he doesn't know how to fight for this less he's got in because not in club he played a year and a half in Philadelphia right like I'm looking at what Smarty Jones did two thousand four two thousand four two thousand four like he won he won two races horses triple crown races in two thousand four but that's not even a year and a half talking about to race horses I cut you are penalizing Terrel only you guys know okay we all it's what a horse's career is we're talking about athletes you you said Adelaide I just got a horse I said wait that's a horse you can't use it you said no it's an athlete so I said okay let's let's judge him as the other athletes are judged yeah Carol's career was too short of a year and a half he ran two races and that's a sufficient for you and that's when you say oh he's a horse John that's what horses that were so no joke you can't have it both ways one of this is idiotic hello Jim this is a part of their sixteen I cannot be on your list come on we gotta put our job our feet down me highs is idiotic look we'll see where.

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